Almost to the Top

And time flew by and then I was transplanted, and it was over.

That was what it may have seemed like to those that were observing the process. But for the one that was waiting for the transplant it time seemed to slow down to a crawl. Throughout the process my potential donor was keeping me updated but life went on like nothing was going to happen.

Once my donor was approved things started to move. First a date was set of April 13th, 2017, then my transplant team set me up for test such as stress test, scans, blood work and test, test and more test. But even while all this was happening there felt like something was missing. I asked myself many times what it was until one day I went to my hiding place at the water tank and as I was walking around the tank and doing my checks and I realized that while medically I was ready to receive the transplant, I was not fully ready mentally. There were things that I needed to do to prepare myself.

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Prayer- While I had done this many times and knew my faith was stronger there was a need for it to be stronger than it had ever been and so to my knees I went.

Reflecting on the Journey- Taking time to think about first being diagnoses to some of the fun and funny times that I had in dialysis. To the challenges that I had faced and lessons that was learned was needed.

Finish my Goals- Any goal that I had that needed to be finished was finished. This was important as I did not want any unclaimed goal to hanging over my head when I received my transplant.

Preparing to thank the staff- Now this may seem a little odd, but I wanted to show my appreciation to the care for what they did for me. I took the time to thank the staff with thank you cards, small gifts to plaques for some to hang on their wall.

Be a fan- This was also important to me as well as I was a huge fan to most that took care of me so I made a Paper Kidney the staff could sign. I never wanted to forget the names of those that took care of me. I still have this to this day and can still name the majority of those that took care of me.

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As the day got closer, I wanted to make sure I remembered everyone and even went so far to request certain staff that would help from other clinics to take care of me.

Once I was prepared it was time but wait there was still one more treatment until graduation day and in the next blog, I will be sharing with you what happened April 12, 2017, and trust me this is a blog you don’t want to miss. Until next time you can do a few things subscribe to the blog, so you don’t miss a single post. Subscribe and share it with your followers and most important be encouraged for you are one step closer to the next peak.


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