Some of the greatest challenges…

How do you pull yourself up out of a valley so low that you can not even see light from the sun?  Simple, stop looking down in the valley and start looking up. In this blog I want to talk a little bit about high phosphors, calciphylaxis and what it can do to someone fromContinue reading “Some of the greatest challenges…”

I don’t know about tomorrow.

I have heard many people that say that life goes with you or without you. How true this statement is and it became especially true during the spring in 2016. After finding out that my phosphorus was so high and that if something did not change there would be dire consequences. It was a toughContinue reading “I don’t know about tomorrow.”

COVID Chronicles Conclusion: Resurgence

One night we all went to sleep. When we woke, nothing was the same. Many wished this was a game. Many looked for others to blame. This disruption had a name. This disruption was called COVID-19. – As the virus spread no one could run. No one could hide. So.. we were told to goContinue reading “COVID Chronicles Conclusion: Resurgence”

The Valley in the Mountian

Does someone’s words define who you are or what you can overcome?  There are many people that allow others words to define who they are and what they become and this can be most devastating to someone’s dreams, ambitions, and most importantly their life.  The Beginning of the Valley in the Mountain  Being on dialysisContinue reading “The Valley in the Mountian”

“ I Don’t Know About This?”( A Patient’s Initial Dialysis Treatment) Pt.34…..Just My Perspective

As the ongoing beeping of the dialysis machine goes off. In which I must say is the relief to every dialysis patient. It’s the sound of freedom. The chains of the bloodlines are cut free. The three to four hours from sitting in the most uncomfortable, cold , hard chair known to man for soContinue reading ““ I Don’t Know About This?”( A Patient’s Initial Dialysis Treatment) Pt.34…..Just My Perspective”

Reason why I thought about saying NO to Transplant.

No to a transplant Anthony, are you crazy? Who in their right mind says no to receiving a life-saving transplant? Whoa, ok, back just a little. This was just some reason that I thought about saying No to Transplant. Let’s just read on and I will share with you some of these reasons.  During myContinue reading “Reason why I thought about saying NO to Transplant.”