Reflections on the Journey: Speak Life

By: Wills Porter We all hold a double-edged sword There is something profound about the spoken word. In a way I think that the spoken word is the most profound aspect of the human experience. In one way we can speak life. We can encourage. We can bring hope. In another way we can speakContinue reading “Reflections on the Journey: Speak Life”

When the bread goes wrong, make tortillas.

The other day I got the hankering for bread and so I gathered up some flour, water, spices and butter. Everything was together and as I started to roll and cut the dough out for my bread I realized that used all purpose flour instead of self-rising flour. Now this was problem for my breadContinue reading “When the bread goes wrong, make tortillas.”

What if this is your last year.

What if this is your last year to be alive? This is a question that I asked myself when I started dialysis and one that I have asked myself since. Also along with that question I always follow up with What would I do different if I knew that this was my last year. SomeContinue reading “What if this is your last year.”

A Simple Thanks is sometimes not enough….

And now this part of my story closes but I want to share one some last thoughts about this part of my journey. The journey would have been much more difficult without those that stood by me and helped me on this journey. First and foremost, God was my rock and strength through this timeContinue reading “A Simple Thanks is sometimes not enough….”

Letting the care team know and the Suprise.

Many time the end is the beginning of something beautiful. Once my future donor came to me there was a blur of activity. With a few days after the birthday party, she had called and passed the first test after that appointments were being set up blood work, exams, seeing the Kidney transplant team andContinue reading “Letting the care team know and the Suprise.”

Reflections on the Journey: Motivation and Purpose

By: Wills Porter Motivation and Purpose When it comes to this life, I believe that we are all here on earth to do something only we can do, this is our purpose. Purpose can be a challenging thing to discover. In a world full of distractions and static noise, we can so often loose sightContinue reading “Reflections on the Journey: Motivation and Purpose”

Have the sweetest victory.

Over the past couple blogs, I have shared some very personal parts of my journey. While they are personal, I believe that if you take the lessons that are in the story, it can be a great benefit to you. There were so many challenges on my journey, and it seemed that this last challengeContinue reading “Have the sweetest victory.”