Own It Part 1: Welcome to Reality

Own It Series Introduction At the age of twelve, I bean one of the greatest experiences of my life. At the time, I did not realize it, but looking back, the teen clinic experience at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta was truly incredible. The goal of the transplant teen clinic program at CHOA was to helpContinue reading “Own It Part 1: Welcome to Reality”

COVID Chronicles: Interlude (A new page)

In the prelude I set the stage. I said “too many live in anger”. I said “too many live in rage”. I said too many give into the fear of our age. But today we turn a page. – Welcome to the interlude. By now you know. By now you’ve seen. This is not aContinue reading “COVID Chronicles: Interlude (A new page)”

Joy in the Journey Part 5: Expectations

What do you Expect? If you want to go far in life you must have expectations for yourself. Unfortunately, we so often listen to and adopt the expectations others have of us as our own. In some cases, this can be helpful. However, this can also lead to someone falling prey to the bigotry ofContinue reading “Joy in the Journey Part 5: Expectations”

COVID Chronicles: Defining a Generation

Growing up history fascinated me. I was that kid that memorized key details of battles and even considered teaching history. Having been a student of history since my formative years, I have come to understand that history has patterns. One pattern is that each generation is often defined by a watershed moment or key event.Continue reading “COVID Chronicles: Defining a Generation”

COVID Chronicles: Prelude (Through My Eyes)

By: Wills Porter *Disclaimer: The following is strictly based on my own experiences and in no way is meant to give medical advice. As I always advocate for, be your own best advocate and listen to the doctors that know your medical situation the best.* Back Home Towards the end of last month, I wasContinue reading “COVID Chronicles: Prelude (Through My Eyes)”

Taking Joy in the Journey Part 4: The Joys of My Journey

By: Wills Porter In Part 3 of this blog series, I wrote about a few of the challenges I have faced throughout my transplant journey. These challenges included school, navigating insurance and overcoming the bigotry of low expectations. While I believe it is important to reflect on the challenges one faces, I think it isContinue reading “Taking Joy in the Journey Part 4: The Joys of My Journey”

21 Years: A Reflection

BY: Wills Porter The following was originally written on January 1, 2021. With my 21st transplant anniversary just hours away, I sat down and decided to reflect on the incredible experience of my personal transplant journey. This journey is not for the weak of heart. In many ways, this journey makes you a warrior. ThisContinue reading “21 Years: A Reflection”

Taking Joy in the Journey Part 3: Y2K and The Challenges

By: Wills Porter *This post is in no way meant to diminish someone elses transplant experience. I have faced many challenges. However, the transplant journey is unique and the challenges are many.* A Challenge from the Start When I woke up after surgery, I had a new life and a new millennium had begun. WhileContinue reading “Taking Joy in the Journey Part 3: Y2K and The Challenges”