The Kidney Trails Base Camp

Kidney Trails is an organization that is dedicated to helping those that may be facing kidney disease by

Education- By bringing real life experience from those that have travelled the road of kidney disease and also information from the medical professionals to help you on your journey. 

Inspiration- Inspiration is one of the elements to being successful on your journey. The KT team is dedicated to bringing you stories of inspiration to inspire you to aim higher and reach your goals.   

Motivation- It is good to start the week with a motivational thought or quote. With this in mind the KT team is dedicated to bringing you a quote or thought to help you start your week.

Wills Porter

My name is Wills Porter. I am a liver transplant recipient and the editor of Impact America Media. As a transplant recipient and warrior, I have faced many challenges and joys in my transplant journey. My hope through my blog posts and my podcast (Joy in the Journey Podcast) is to help inform, inspire, empower and speak life to those impacted by organ/tissue donation and transplantation. In everything remember that you are not alone and the transplant experiencer

Kidney Trails Author, BSFCS,MSW, Impact America Media Editor at Large

Am I there yet?

I would like for you to think with me, do you remember taking a family vacation or trip and within about 15-20 minutes of the trip you would ask are we there yet and your parents answer would come back not, yet we just started and every, so often you would ask the same questionContinue reading “Am I there yet?”

“ I Don’t Know About This?”( A Patient’s Initial Dialysis Treatment) Pt.21 The Call Out

Pt .21 The Call-Out  “ So AW how was your food talk with Beth?”….. AW replies,” Mon I tell you brother, she kinda broke my heart when she told me about the Starfruit. How it would pretty much be talking to my rave der Boy!” ….. “ But she’s very knowledgeable about her profession. IContinue reading ““ I Don’t Know About This?”( A Patient’s Initial Dialysis Treatment) Pt.21 The Call Out”

The Call

I guess you’re never truly prepared for “The Call” no matter how much you prepare yourself for it. I can only speak on my experience but I had been told that it would come at a time that I wasn’t thinking about it and that’s exactly what happened to me. A casual day and we was fixing to leave and my phone rang and I didn’t answer, then a message followed. I thought it was a call for possible tech assistance and suddenly my wife got a text message that I needed to call back and soon! I called back with urgency…Hello? …Yes, It was “The Call”!

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