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What is Kidney Trails

Kidney Trails is an organization that is dedicated to helping those that may be facing kidney disease by

Education- By bringing real life experience from those that have travelled the road of kidney disease and also information from the medical professionals to help you on your journey. 

Inspiration- Inspiration is one of the elements to being successful on your journey. The KT team is dedicated to bringing you stories of inspiration to inspire you to aim higher and reach your goals.   

Motivation- It is good to start the week with a motivational thought or quote. With this in mind the KT team is dedicated to bringing you a quote or thought to help you start your week. 

My First Year

I know I’m slow but I’m a bit scared

I know I’m nervous but I can feel the stares

I know you are getting upset with me because I don’t know

I know we been here a long time and you’re ready to go

This is hard for me but I want to prove to you 

That I can do this but I need you to see me through

These long hours are quite rough

I still keep pushing and in your eyes it’s still not enough 

I make mistakes just like the next person, so please be patient with me

When you were in my shoes , did you make mistakes and begged for a plea, like me 

Did you know I only wanted to make you proud

But I was startled when you yelled at me so loud

I felt the embarrassment worse than death

I felt humiliated as if I had nothing left.

I cried on my break without even eating

Yet I still come back to the floor for more of your beating

The changeover challenged me like nothing other

The intimidation of you and those around me was beyond a smother

Why are you treating me like this when all I want to do is understand 

With your knowledge and expertise, you should be lending me a helping hand. 

I am still processing believe it or not

And this process is a lot 

I’m still going to come back tomorrow to prove to you I can do this

Years from now I hope you read this with sure bliss 

This is my First Year and not my last. 

         By Ashley “ Smash “ McGinnis

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