In 2013 our very own CEO started traveling his own Kidney trails when he was diagnosed with ESRD ( End Stage Renal Disease) and was put on dialysis. During his time on dialysis, Anthony started searching for stories and lessons that were written and by others. In his quest to find these story’s he found very little story’s written and even fewer lessons taught. It was then he determined that one day he would create a blog or website that would not only share his story but story’s of others to help those that are traveling the Kidney Trails. In July of 2020, Anthony started to create the platform that he envision he had in 2014 Kidney Trails. Since then Kidney Trails has grown to be one of the most sought-after Kidney blogs to not only read the stories and lessons from our authors and guest authors. But also a place that writers, bloggers, and authors come to share their stories and lessons they have learned. Welcome to the Kidney Trails


The Story’s, The Lesson’s, and You

One of the Kidney Trails missions is to bring you real-life experiences, stories, and the lessons that have been learned from those that are traveling the Kidney Trails. Whether it be from a patient or those that work in the industry you will find a story that will inspire, motivate and educate you to grow to a better you.

The Unknown Territory’s

In every journey, there are always unknowns and the Kidney Trails is no different. Everyone that has been diagnosed with Kidney Disease may find themselves from time to time in the unknown territory’s. The Kidney Trails team is dedicated to helping you explore and conquer these territories by bringing you the resources you may need such as… Knowing your medical GPS, How to build a strong mindset, Goal setting, balancing your life, and much more.

Making Your Story Valuable One Word at a Time

The Kidney Trails Team is dedicated to help make you and your story more valuable by… Finding and sharing the lessons your story has to offer. Sharing and highlighting your story with the Kidney Trails ever-growing audience though out the world. Giving you the opportunity to be a Guest Author on the Kidney Trails blog.

Our Team

Who makes the Kidney Trails go. Find out who is on the Kidney Trails Team.

Kidney Trail Authors

Find out more about who is writing for the Kidney Trails.

Our Partners

Find out what organizations have partnered with the Kidney Trails Team.

Guest Authors

Find out more more about the Kidney Trails Guest Authors.

About KB the Positive Kidney

What does KB mean? Kidney Bean

Favorite thing to do? Encourage those on the Kidney Trails.

What is in your Hand? A map of the Kidney Trails.

What is your Favorite Quote? Keep smiling it makes the world a better place.

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