Kidney Trails was started in 2020 by our CEO Anthony E Reed as a platform to not only share his story but to give others the opportunity to share their story. With this in mind Kidney Trails was started and has been ever growing with stories from Kidney Patients and Kidney Professionals alike.


Kidney trials mission is to explore and make known the unknown territories of kidney disease. We do this by highlighting stories of inspiration, motivation, and sharing the lessons that have been learned by those that have travel the Kidney Trails.

Our Team

Who makes the Kidney Trails go. Find out who is on the Kidney Trails Team.

Kidney Trail Authors

Find out more about who is writing for the Kidney Trails.

Our Partners

Find out what organizations have partnered with the Kidney Trails Team.

Guest Authors

Find out more more about the Kidney Trails Guest Authors.

About KB the Positive Kidney

What does KB mean? Kidney Bean

Favorite thing to do? Encourage those on the Kidney Trails.

What is in your Hand? A map of the Kidney Trails.

What is your Favorite Quote? Keep smiling it makes the world a better place.

Want to get Involved.

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