Finding the good of humanity.

I am sure that you have seen the post or videos about restoring faith in humanity. While we read or hear about these things. It means much more when we actually experience it first hand. My family and I had went on a vacation not too long ago and boy the kids were excited. WeContinue reading “Finding the good of humanity.”

If you take away what you fear….

If you take away what you fear what will you do this year? It’s a great thought the other day I was at a birthday party and the kids were having a great time and then it came time to hit the piñata. As the kids lined up to hit it some of them stoodContinue reading “If you take away what you fear….”

Celebrating Lab Week.

Have you ever given thought about how important the labs are to your healthcare? When I was on dialysis, I never really gave much thought about how important they were to me. Sure, the dietician would come by every month and tell me where I was doing well and where I lacked in the renalContinue reading “Celebrating Lab Week.”

What will you put your life on hold for?

The other day I was going through some of my writing and and ran across some things that I had written back in 2020. One of the writings that stuck out to me was in the form of a question and it was this. What else will you put your life on hold for. ItContinue reading “What will you put your life on hold for?”

Are you opted in?

It’s time to get an opt-in list. You’ve read countless articles and sought expert advice about opt-in lists and read about people who’ve made a small fortune with them. You think you know all about opt-in lists and followed their advice to the letter, but still weren’t able to make money. You might even beContinue reading “Are you opted in?”

Are you ready to take on leadership responsibilities?

The journey through life brings us into contact with various personalities and traits that make up each individual and are a part of what makes them unique. We all admire and look up to certain traits, yet there are a few that we all hold in high regard, and being a leader is unquestionably oneContinue reading “Are you ready to take on leadership responsibilities?”

Leadership initiative

Take the initiative to become a leader Power is not the key to leadership. People shouldn’t be harassed or driven by fear. In order for the organization to be successful, others must be encouraged to work towards the organization’s goals. Bringing everyone on the same page and helping them see the big picture helps theContinue reading “Leadership initiative”

Your Outlook can change your Outcome.

There is ancient text that says “The Spirit of a Man shall sustain himself through his infirmity’s.” I find this text fascinating and it is one that have applied to my life for several years. The word spirit in Webster dictionary has a few meanings but one that stirs my mind is “temper or dispositionContinue reading “Your Outlook can change your Outcome.”

Life is short, even at its longest.

I am sure that we have all seen the memes that say life is short eat more tacos or do this and that. While these are fun there is truth to every one of these memes “Life is short.” Someone said “Life is short even at its longest.” How true life is just that short.Continue reading “Life is short, even at its longest.”