Quote of the week.

“I am not scared of heights, because I don’t look down.” Esteban Reed I remember when my son said this he was climbing a tree and I asked him was he scared because he up pretty high in the tree. That’s when he said “I am not scared of heights, because I don’t look down.”Continue reading “Quote of the week.”

When the bread goes wrong, make tortillas.

The other day I got the hankering for bread and so I gathered up some flour, water, spices and butter. Everything was together and as I started to roll and cut the dough out for my bread I realized that used all purpose flour instead of self-rising flour. Now this was problem for my breadContinue reading “When the bread goes wrong, make tortillas.”

What if this is your last year.

What if this is your last year to be alive? This is a question that I asked myself when I started dialysis and one that I have asked myself since. Also along with that question I always follow up with What would I do different if I knew that this was my last year. SomeContinue reading “What if this is your last year.”

Journal for your Journey

Since 2020 and the start of KT I have had to rack my brain and try remember all the things that happened when I was on dialysis. While I have been able to write about the majority of things that happened. There were many of the blogs that I have shared that I have reallyContinue reading “Journal for your Journey”

Starting a Blog…

When it comes to writing where do you even start? I remember asking myself this very question before Kidney Trails was started. As a speaker I never really had to write to much other than some notes on some note cards for my speech. But in 2020 that all changed. The whole world had beenContinue reading “Starting a Blog…”

A good cup of coffee and music.

Not to long ago I wrote a blog call “The song that could not be heard.” In that blog I share on of the challenges in my life that brought me to my knees. But what about when life is good? Personally I love a good cup of coffee and some music in the morning.Continue reading “A good cup of coffee and music.”

What can online publication do for you?

Online publication will help you in providing successful searches to your targeted audience. Search engines have become more and more popular. Material on your website should be updated frequently to meet the changing needs of the people. Get someone to design a logo for your company and make sure your website is catchy and deliversContinue reading “What can online publication do for you?”

Self-promotion Part 2

In today’s fast-paced world owning a website for your business is a must which is not a big deal anymore with so many people available who excel in web designing and also offer a competitive rate. There are many types of technologies involved in the creation of a website, a one-page flash website wouldn’t takeContinue reading “Self-promotion Part 2”