Can Dialysis Stop You From Living?

Can dialysis stop you from living? I believe this can only be determined by the person that is on dialysis. But this can also be asked of anyone that may face a life changing situation. Why many may have their own answer to this question, I want to share with you the reader a story,Continue reading “Can Dialysis Stop You From Living?”

What Dialysis Taught Me About Change

Change is a part of life, many do not like change or will accept change because it takes them out of their comfort zone. Even though many do not like change, everyone goes through some form of it.  There are a few types of changes that I want to write about. Expected Change– Expected ChangeContinue reading “What Dialysis Taught Me About Change”

3 Way’s to Break up Stress and Anxiety

As soon as you get up, do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, stressed out?  Do you feel your heart racing? Is that your normal? Is that how you feel when you first get up? And I’m not even talking about in the morning because not everybody wakes up in the morning. We have some late morningContinue reading “3 Way’s to Break up Stress and Anxiety”

Fluid Control for Dialysis Patients.

  2021 has been  one of  the hottest years on record. Hemodialysis patients tend to come to   treatments with fluid overload just to combat the hot weather conditions.                             Fluid Control is covered in the initial nutritional assessment of new hemodialysis  patients.  A hemodialysis patient who can still produce a small amount of urine cannot haveContinue reading “Fluid Control for Dialysis Patients.”

What If or Why Not. Advocating for Kidney Transplant.

I want to start off this next post with a question. Do you find it hard asking for help? When I first asked this question to myself. I thought about it for a while and started to look over my experience as a dialysis patient. It is in this experience I found my answer andContinue reading “What If or Why Not. Advocating for Kidney Transplant.”

But She Finds Purpose in the Pain.

It was a cold Christmas evening in 2003. My family had just finished eating our second round of Christmas dinner, and I noticed that my stepfather was sitting on the couch and not looking too good. He had been cooking for two days in order to get all the food ready for Christmas day. IContinue reading “But She Finds Purpose in the Pain.”