Some of the greatest challenges…

How do you pull yourself up out of a valley so low that you can not even see light from the sun?  Simple, stop looking down in the valley and start looking up. In this blog I want to talk a little bit about high phosphors, calciphylaxis and what it can do to someone fromContinue reading “Some of the greatest challenges…”

I don’t know about tomorrow.

I have heard many people that say that life goes with you or without you. How true this statement is and it became especially true during the spring in 2016. After finding out that my phosphorus was so high and that if something did not change there would be dire consequences. It was a toughContinue reading “I don’t know about tomorrow.”

Building You 2022

Are you ready to take your career, your business and yourself to a new level. The Kidney Trails Team is excited to be able to host the virtual “Building you in 2022” Conference November 3rd-5th 2022 You will hear from the top voices in the Renal, Personal development community. Fill the form down below toContinue reading “Building You 2022”

When Good is not Good Enough.

Sometimes in life we can grow up in stricken conditions or experience hardship for so long until it seems normal. We can sub-consciously accept abnormal as “good” and feel no need or desire for better.  Other times, we can learn to accept the status quo in our lives because we are satisfied with where weContinue reading “When Good is not Good Enough.”

Round 1: A new fight

It feels like it was yesterday… It was one day in late July 2010, and I was working and next thing I know I am being rushed to the emergency room. Once at the Emergency room, the doctors said that my kidney transplant that I was living with was rejecting, and I’m going back intoContinue reading “Round 1: A new fight”

The Valley in the Mountian

Does someone’s words define who you are or what you can overcome?  There are many people that allow others words to define who they are and what they become and this can be most devastating to someone’s dreams, ambitions, and most importantly their life.  The Beginning of the Valley in the Mountain  Being on dialysisContinue reading “The Valley in the Mountian”

Me consideraron oficialmente insuficiencia renal en etapa terminal.

Cuando me diagnosticaron enfermedad renal en etapa 5, recuerdo haberle preguntado al nefrólogo si mis riñones regresarían. ¿La diálisis sería para siempre una cosa para siempre? ¿Era esta mi vida? La respuesta que se dio, me dio cierta esperanza de que esta cosa llamada diálisis podría terminar muy pronto. Dijo que parecía que yo eraContinue reading “Me consideraron oficialmente insuficiencia renal en etapa terminal.”

Entrenadores de riñón y lo que hicieron por mí.

Entrenador de riñón: Uno que educa, motiva e inspira a aquellos que tienen enfermedad renal. Allí comparten experiencias y lecciones que han aprendido en el camino, para que los pacientes no solo puedan vivir sino prosperar otro día. Anthony E Reed En el mundo de hoy hay muchos entrenadores. Tenemos entrenadores deportivos, entrenadores de negocios,Continue reading “Entrenadores de riñón y lo que hicieron por mí.”