The Grateful CKD Patient.

November is the time when we reflect over our lives. It is a time when we remember and show gratitude for the people, good fortune, and blessings we have experienced throughout the year.  As a CKD patient, I must take this opportunity to show appreciation for dialysis and the CKD community. Dialysis is a giftContinue reading “The Grateful CKD Patient.”

Real Tips for Time Management.

 Many of us think of time management as a “work thing” or something only used by executives, too rigid and structured, or maybe even it gives you a sick feeling in your tummy—but none of that is true at all. Honestly, time management is an incredibly useful skill for busy moms, students, and professionals. InContinue reading “Real Tips for Time Management.”

The Caregivers.

From the day I heard my wife’s kidneys had failed.  I became her caregiver, not just for medical concerns but for day-to-day activities also. I am her driver, I help her shower and dress, and we go to appointments together. As a caregiver you deal with many emotions: sadness, frustration, anxiety, or anger at timesContinue reading “The Caregivers.”

Fighting to get stuff done? Try Time Blocking

As a busy healthcare professional and mom, you can feel like you are fighting a constant battle to get anything done. You are pulled in so many directions with your kids, work, school, partner etc… by now you should have a handle on the whole I’m a mom who works, goes to school, and hasContinue reading “Fighting to get stuff done? Try Time Blocking”

The Challenge of “In Sickness” and the hope of “In health.”

When I think of marriage I think of the marriage vows, especially the part where it says for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. These are promises that are made to each other and ones that should be taken seriously. There is one part in the vows thatContinue reading “The Challenge of “In Sickness” and the hope of “In health.””

“But I might not be able to stop”…the most dangerous drug: food.

I will come right out and say it, there’s been times when someone has offered me something and I’ve said to myself- ‘But I might not be able to stop at 1”. Other times when I’ve had to mentally prepare myself before going to a party- pretty much giving myself a pep talk consisting ofContinue reading ““But I might not be able to stop”…the most dangerous drug: food.”

Keep Smiling It Makes The World A Better Place.

During my time in dialysis there were many things that helped me and I want to share some of these experiences. In this blog, I want to share with you one of the most valuable quotes and the lessons that I have found. As a dialysis patient, I did not want people to know manyContinue reading “Keep Smiling It Makes The World A Better Place.”

Can Dialysis Stop You From Living?

Can dialysis stop you from living? I believe this can only be determined by the person that is on dialysis. But this can also be asked of anyone that may face a life changing situation. Why many may have their own answer to this question, I want to share with you the reader a story,Continue reading “Can Dialysis Stop You From Living?”