COVID Chronicles: Interlude (A new page)

In the prelude I set the stage. I said “too many live in anger”. I said “too many live in rage”. I said too many give into the fear of our age. But today we turn a page. – Welcome to the interlude. By now you know. By now you’ve seen. This is not aContinue reading “COVID Chronicles: Interlude (A new page)”

COVID Chronicles: Defining a Generation

Growing up history fascinated me. I was that kid that memorized key details of battles and even considered teaching history. Having been a student of history since my formative years, I have come to understand that history has patterns. One pattern is that each generation is often defined by a watershed moment or key event.Continue reading “COVID Chronicles: Defining a Generation”

“ I Don’t Know About This?”( A Patient’s Initial Dialysis Treatment) Pt.24 …..Oscar

Scooting herself so happily towards the homeless man that seemed so anxious to see Mrs. Halona…. He also shared the same joy. As they hugged each other , for about a minute or two and he continued to push Mrs. Halona away alongside the asphalt onto the sidewalk off into a distance away from theContinue reading ““ I Don’t Know About This?”( A Patient’s Initial Dialysis Treatment) Pt.24 …..Oscar”

COVID Chronicles: Prelude (Through My Eyes)

By: Wills Porter *Disclaimer: The following is strictly based on my own experiences and in no way is meant to give medical advice. As I always advocate for, be your own best advocate and listen to the doctors that know your medical situation the best.* Back Home Towards the end of last month, I wasContinue reading “COVID Chronicles: Prelude (Through My Eyes)”