Taking Joy in the Journey Part 1: The Stage is Set

By: Wills Porter- Liver Transplant Recipient 21 yrs./ Impact America Media Editor at Large While I am going to share my Transplant Journey in this blog series, I want to first ask you the reader something. When you think about your life, what do you think about the most? The reason for life… your purpose?Continue reading “Taking Joy in the Journey Part 1: The Stage is Set”

The Kidney Disease Rollercoaster

From a 20 year old Sports & Fitness Studies student, to kidney Failure, to becoming the “Fastest Sick Person in Europe”. Or, I could start with; healthy student, to dialysis patient, to transplant recipient, back to dialysis patient, to transplant recipient again, to husband and father, to… I love the KidneyTrails.com goal of “…bringing real life experienceContinue reading “The Kidney Disease Rollercoaster”

Redesigning my Dialysis Treatment: By Thelma Desjarlis

 Three days after we had just moved into our newly purchased home, our seemingly normal life was about to be rattled by this unforgiving disease. We were so busy unpacking our things when all of a sudden, I felt funny, and a nagging pain in my head became so excruciating that I started vomiting endlessly.Continue reading “Redesigning my Dialysis Treatment: By Thelma Desjarlis”

Dialysis from the Inside (Part 1)

My name is Marco Antonio Santana and I was born in Paterson, New Jersey.  My large family spent only the first few years of my life there before moving to Massachusetts, where we have lived ever since.  My childhood was very normal and included all the typical bumps and bruises associated with having four siblings. Continue reading “Dialysis from the Inside (Part 1)”