Round 1: A new fight

It feels like it was yesterday… It was one day in late July 2010, and I was working and next thing I know I am being rushed to the emergency room. Once at the Emergency room, the doctors said that my kidney transplant that I was living with was rejecting, and I’m going back intoContinue reading “Round 1: A new fight”

Chronic Kidney Disease: A Close Look at Its Impact on Americans

Chronic. Kidney. Disease. According to the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), “37 million American adults have kidney disease, and most don’t know it.”1 The alarming statistic shows a disconnect in the U.S. Healthcare System and a breakdown in communication between physicians and patients. How do we bridge the gap? Things are starting to change, and companiesContinue reading Chronic Kidney Disease: A Close Look at Its Impact on Americans

Mental Health and You

It was the summer of 2009.  A time to celebrate the beautiful weather, embark on vacations, and enjoy each other’s company.   But something would change in my world that would shake me to my very core… I spent the summer of 2009 locked in a psychiatric hospital.  Yes, you read that right.  The entire summer—72Continue reading “Mental Health and You”

The Caregivers.

From the day I heard my wife’s kidneys had failed.  I became her caregiver, not just for medical concerns but for day-to-day activities also. I am her driver, I help her shower and dress, and we go to appointments together. As a caregiver you deal with many emotions: sadness, frustration, anxiety, or anger at timesContinue reading “The Caregivers.”

But She Finds Purpose in the Pain.

It was a cold Christmas evening in 2003. My family had just finished eating our second round of Christmas dinner, and I noticed that my stepfather was sitting on the couch and not looking too good. He had been cooking for two days in order to get all the food ready for Christmas day. IContinue reading “But She Finds Purpose in the Pain.”

The 3 C’s of Compelling Storytelling

The 3 C’s of Compelling Storytelling When it comes to storytelling, you want to captivate your audience at every stage; hook them in, tantalise them with the details and have blown them away by the end, making sure they always remember you. Here are my top tips – which I call the ‘3 C’s’ –Continue reading “The 3 C’s of Compelling Storytelling”

Janice Laverne Starling-Williams Journey.

Janice Starling is the 5theldest child out of 6 siblings of the late Mr. Jimmy Lee Sr. and Mrs. Viola Starling of St. Petersburg, FL. As a child, Janice was extremely active and loved school with her whole heart. She was a cheerleader and the apple of her dad’s eye who would escort her aroundContinue reading “Janice Laverne Starling-Williams Journey.”

Kidney Disease from the eyes of a companion.

I would like to thank the team at Kidney Trails for the opportunity to tell my story. This story is about being the husband of someone with Kidney Disease and not about KWM the story of KWM will come at another time. It all started about 17 years ago when my wife and I gotContinue reading “Kidney Disease from the eyes of a companion.”

To be a Kidney Donor

It was 1986, when my sister started dating her future husband, Rob, nobody would ever have imagined that in 22 years. Me, the “little sister” of his girlfriend, a 10 year old, fairly obnoxious child would have the opportunity to change his life. Their story is the classic high school sweetheart. Having 2 younger siblingsContinue reading “To be a Kidney Donor”