Dialysis and Holiday Eating

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, some say, there is much planning to do for parties and dinners, a time to gather with family and see ones that you have not seen all year eat food, swap stories and play with the children and eat more food. Then you go look at theContinue reading “Dialysis and Holiday Eating”

Fluid Control for Dialysis Patients.

  2021 has been  one of  the hottest years on record. Hemodialysis patients tend to come to   treatments with fluid overload just to combat the hot weather conditions.                             Fluid Control is covered in the initial nutritional assessment of new hemodialysis  patients.  A hemodialysis patient who can still produce a small amount of urine cannot haveContinue reading “Fluid Control for Dialysis Patients.”

What’s New with the Renal Diet?

In 2020, the National Kidney Foundation Quality Guidelines for Nutrition were updated to recommend a healthier plant based, whole foods diet for people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) with or without dialysis. With this in mind, renal diet recommendations encompass more heart healthy guidelines. This will allow for a greater variety of food offerings for theContinue reading “What’s New with the Renal Diet?”

Kidney Friendly Sloppy Joe’s

When I was in elementary school we were served “sloppy joe” sandwiches.  They were just that…sloppy.  They were also salty.   As a kid, I didn’t even pay attention to the nutrient content of foods, but now I do.  There is a food product in stores that some folks use to make sloppy joe type meals,Continue reading “Kidney Friendly Sloppy Joe’s”

Egg Muffin the healthy way

A great protein source that can be ready for you when you get home from dialysis. After dialysis most patients say they are fatigued with little energy to fix a meal.However, this is the most important time to replenish your body. Therefore, it isimportant to have a nourishing, balanced snack or meal ready when youContinue reading “Egg Muffin the healthy way”