Reflections on the Journey: Dare to be Different

By: Wills Porter I ran into a friend the other day and he was like.. Mam, I see you doing good. I see you doing well. But I am seeing you now and I didn’t know you then. As your friend I wonder.. How was it way back when? I will never know, so IContinue reading “Reflections on the Journey: Dare to be Different”

Reflections on the Journey: 21 Years

BY: Wills Porter The following was originally written on January 1, 2021. With my 21st transplant anniversary just hours away, I sat down and decided to reflect on the incredible experience of my personal transplant journey. This journey is not for the weak of heart. In many ways, this journey makes you a warrior. ThisContinue reading “Reflections on the Journey: 21 Years”