Lets Get This Catheter Out!

What a journey it has been! Now this part of the story that I am about to tell was especially exciting for me.

After a few weeks of my fistula running smoothly it was time to get the catheter out. Now this was a very important appointment for two reason. One I wanted this thing out of my chest and second I was hoping to travel soon and wanted it out before I left. My appointment was with the vascular surgeon to get the catheter out of my chest. Once in the the office, it was go time! He walked in and said, “Lets get this catheter out!”

The first thing he did was take the covering that was over the catheter and cleaned all around it then took some numbing medicine in a syringe and put it in a few time around the catheter then waited a few seconds and asked are you ready? I said yes, yes, yes. Ok, its out. Oh that’s it? I did not feel it is it really out? Can I now take a shower? The shower was something that I looked forward too for so long. Until something is taken away it is easer to take it for granted. Since then I have not taken something as simple as taking a shower for granted.

He put some gauze and tape to stop any bleeding and said to keep it there for a few days but that I would be able to take a shower and could go back to work. This was great news except that I had this little weekend trip planned and needed a little more time off to be able to go on this trip. I explained this to him and he smiled and asked when would I like to go back? I told him the day after I got back from my trip which was a little less than a week away. He signed the doctors note smiled and said have a nice trip and enjoy it.

I walked, No, I ran out the office down the hall excited that is was out. I stopped by work and handed them the note which they gladly accepted and was very happy for me to be coming back soon then I went home. I tell many that have made the decision whether to getting a fistula that one of the best times is when you are able to take a shower and oh what a long shower that was that day. I did not have that thing sticking out of my chest, true, I had the scare on my arm but I felt normal. What a feeling!

Now it was time to take a small vacation. Tune in next week to hear about how it helped me to grasp a clearer picture of what my life could be, and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any new and exciting content. Also follow us on Instagram @kidneytrails. Until next time I encourage you to keep traveling to the peak of success.

One thought on “Lets Get This Catheter Out!

  1. These are very good articles and share great stories about the journey with renal disease. As a vascular surgeon, I get a great perspective for my patkent care. Thank you. Mr Reed.


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