What I do may today may affect generations to come.

It was not long after I started that my family and I were having a difficult time with the new changes in our lives. You see not only did kidney disease effected me but it effected my family, friends, co-workers, and even those that I was around on a day to day basis.

My mom was having a hard time on knowing what I could and could not eat. Yes, she talked to the renal dietician that was in my clinic, and did the best she could yet it was still difficult for her. She was used to fixing southern fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, mashed potato’s and gravy and then to top it all off either a huckleberry pie or a blueberry one and you can’t forget the ice cream. Dad did what he could but I could tell it really bothered him and he even said son I wish I knew what to do all I can say is I am here for you if you need me, and if I could take this away I would. There was my sister. I remember one time that I was in the hospital, my sister was with some of our friends and they were playing volleyball but it had affected her so much that she could not even play she just sat on the side lines and cried because her brother could not be there and have fun

Out of my family, my mom seemed to have the hardest time with the news that her son had to go to dialysis. Many times I would walk past my parents bedroom and the door would be closed and I could hear her crying asking for some way some how for her son for the kidneys to come back or we find a transplant quick. But then something changed, my mom owns a alteration shop (one that repairs or alters clothes) and one day a customer came in to pick up some clothes that she had left for my mom to fix. During this time my mom ended up saying that I was on dialysis and that we were all having a hard time especially with the food. This individual said that she was sorry that we had to face this but maybe she could give us some ideas on what to cook. You see she was a renal dietician that had worked in dialysis previously. I don’t know much about the rest of the conversation but I can tell you after the customer had left my mom ran up the stairs. She was excited, no, she was ecstatic, for this person had not only given her ideas but more importantly hope and encouragement. The burden that she carried was so much lighter. That day was one of those days that Jim Rohn said……

The Day That Turns Your Life Around.

Jim Rohn

What a positive effect this person made not only on my life but also my world. We each have a great responsibility to affect this world. To that individual that did this I thank you from the bottom of my heart you surely affected generations to come. Now I want to ask a question of all of us. When we lay our head on the pillow each night, what kind of affect did we make? Was it a positive one or a negative one? It is our choice. Keep tuned in. As next week I will be talking about some others that have affected my life in a positive way.

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