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Raising Awareness Through Innovative Outreach

About the KT RATIO Institute

At Kidney Trails we are focused on helping others navigate the unknown territories of kidney disease. In seeking to achieve this mission all our programs are focused on the four principles of navigating the unknown territories. These principles are purpose, vision, motivation, and education. With these four principles in mind, we developed the Kidney Trails RATIO Institute. This institute is specifically focused on Raising Awareness Through Innovative Outreach.


The KT RATIO Institute is excited to announce that our own Anthony Reed (CEO- Kidney Trails) will be the keynote speaker at the Adoptees With Guatemalan Roots (AWGR) conference.

This year, the AWGR conference will be held from May 4th – May 6th in Washington DC.

To find out more about AWGR and the AWGR 2023 conference see the link below.

RATIO Programs

Kidney Trails Collaborations

The Kidney Trails RATIO Institute is dedicated to promoting innovation through collaboration. This is achieved through partnerships with individuals and organizations and companies within the renal and personal development industries.

Featured Collaboration

Kidney Trails Broadcast Network

The Kidney Trails Broadcast Network is focused on helping you take the next steps to living successful and purposeful life. On each show You will hear and learn from the top voices in the renal, transplant and self-development industries.

Our Team

Wills Porter

Kidney Trails RATIO Institute Director

Anthony Reed

Founder and CEO of Kidney Trails

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