The Extra Organary Podcast

About the Podcast

Where it all Started

Starting in 2020, Wills Porter started producing a podcast called the Joy in the Journey Podcast. The initial goal of this podcast venture was to create a platform that promoted conversations about organ/tissue donation and transplant. While Wills started the podcast with this goal in mind, he soon found that the conversation around organ/tissue donation and transplant was much larger than he originally anticipated. Realizing this, Wills decided to take a step back from podcasting so he could reevaluate the podcast conapt. Durring this reevaluation process There was one question being asked. What’s next?

A new Chapter

In the early parts of 2020, Wills received an email from Anthony Reed. In this email, Anthony shared about his own experiences with dialysis and transplant. After receiving this email, Wills decided to connect with Anthony and scheduled a time for the two to connect. That scheduled one hour conversation ended up lasting over three hours. After the phone call with Anthony, Wills had an opportunity to grow the podcast into something extra-Organary.

The Kidney Trails (KT) Partnership

The Extra Organary podcast is proud to be part of the Kidney Trails Broadcast Network (KTBN). Each podcast and show affiliated with the KTBN covers a unique subject area. Here at the Extra Organary Podcast, we will focus on promoting unique conversations related to the organ/tissue donation and transplant experience. At the same time, our show will also focus on the individuals and organizations who can only be described in two words… Extra Organary.

KB works behind the scenes to make the Extra Organary Podcast possible.

The Extra Organary Team

Tim Jackson- KTBN Director
Anthony Reed- Producer
Wills Porter- Host

Special Episode!

In this episode we celebrate the US. reaching the 1-Million transplant milestone.

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