Life is short, even at its longest.

I am sure that we have all seen the memes that say life is short eat more tacos or do this and that. While these are fun there is truth to every one of these memes “Life is short.” Someone said “Life is short even at its longest.” How true life is just that short.Continue reading “Life is short, even at its longest.”

I am not a quitter.

I saw this sign the other day at a the rumor mill coffee shop and got a little laugh out of it. For anyone that enjoys coffee I am sure you can relate to this sign as well. As I was walking out of that coffee shop I start to think about that in moreContinue reading “I am not a quitter.”

Round 1: A new fight

It feels like it was yesterday… It was one day in late July 2010, and I was working and next thing I know I am being rushed to the emergency room. Once at the Emergency room, the doctors said that my kidney transplant that I was living with was rejecting, and I’m going back intoContinue reading “Round 1: A new fight”

Dialysis…Home or In-Center?

After my near-death experience with kidney failure, I had been through a life altering traumatic event and that included a new treatment introduced to me as Dialysis, as I explained above it was not by choice but a must to survive. I basically woke up in the ICU and had unknowingly been on dialysis for 3 days and had 30lbs of fluid & toxins removed, this new treatment saved me but I had no idea what it entailed and I was in for a ride that I’ll not soon forget if ever.  

My Story with High Potassium

Potassium nearly took my life with a score of 9 my body was riddled with toxins and i went into a cardiac episode just moments from death but by God’s grace i survived to tell the story.