Kidney Trail Collaborations

One of the ways that the Kidney Trails Team works to help others on there make it to the next peak on their journey is to Kollaberate with other companies and organizations that are striving to enhance others’ lives.

Check out some of the business and organizations that KT has kollaberated so far.

The ASCP Patient Champions program empowers patients, caregivers, and advocates through education and awareness about diagnostics, lab tests, and pathology follow-up care through the real-life stories of patients, our Patient Champions. Through partnering with other patient-focused organizations, our goal is to empower more patients to ask the right questions about laboratory testing and to understand their diagnoses.

AWGR is charitable organization that advances education on the topid of adoption from Guatemala.

There vision is to help Guatemalan adoptees find their identity and connect to our roots in Guatemala. There were around 50,000 people adopted from Guatemala before international adoption from Guatemala closed in 2008. We are a global community of people adopted from Guatemala. We seek to build community and provide resources for Guatemalan adoptees.

Creative Health Media is leveraging technology to tackle the growing epidemic of kidney disease by empowering patients through digital education.

Dialysis Education Services aims to improve the quality of care given to patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) through an interdisciplinary approach to the education of health care professionals. They prepare their students to deliver safe and effective care, have a therapeutic presence, and employ the ethical and empathetic behaviors needed while caring for patients.

Dialysis is Not Your Life is a program to encourage each person with End-Stage Renal Failure to know that they have the power to redefine their lives. DINYL is a website of information for individuals that are dealing with End-Stage Renal Failure.

Kidney Trail Press was started out as a blog in 2020 called Kidney Trails. In 2021 Founder Anthony (Ant) Reed decide to start a publishing company that would give induvial that have had to face challenges in their life such as renal dieses an opportunity to put their story and the lessons that were learned to paper.

Spice is a complete Holistic Health and Wellness for Healthcare Professionals who want to find a healthy and sustainable work, life, and school balance.

Transplant Genomics is a Eurofins company that is focused on improving the quality of life for transplant recipients. We are committed to developing innovative tests and technologies that provide an accurate and actionable notice of graft injury, giving transplant care teams the best opportunity to address complications early.  The OmniGraf test is the first and only combination of two complementary biomarker tests that offer the earliest and most accurate indicator of silent rejection without the risk of a painful biopsy. OmniGraf provides patients and care teams with peace of mind by getting ahead of rejection before damage occurs.

Kidney Trails Kollaboration Research Projects.

“A Journal of the Plague Year.” seeks to become the largest digital archive devoted to recording experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the wider historical and cultural moment of the pandemic. Focused on international collaboration, ethical practice, and iterative digital humanities methods, JOTPY seeks to become the model for rapid-response, born-digital archives of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Kollaberating with us you will have the opportunity to…

Work with the KT team on one project a year that will enhance people’s lives.

Cross promoting our organizations.      

Have a spot on the Kidney Trails Partner Page.  

Contribute to the Kidney Trail Blog up to 3 articles.

If you are interested in Kollaberating with us, please fill out this form.

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