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Sharron Rouse CEO Kindness for Kidneys

Anthony E Reed

Thought out his Story Anthony’s Journey. Anthony shares his personal journey and experience from being diagnosed with Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Transplant. Not only does he share his story but also the lessons he learned along the way. Anthony says one thing that he is “Living to Inspire, Driven to make a Positive Impact and Born to succeed.

CEO/Kidney Trails Author/Podcaster/Speaker

Dwelyn Williams

Kidney Trails Author

In his story “I don’t know about this (A Patients Initial Dialysis Treatment.)” Dwelyn Williams tells the story about AW and her first treatment. From walking into dialysis the first time to talking to each of the care team. If you are just starting dialysis or know some one that just started this is a story you will not want to miss.

COO/Kidney Trails Author/CCHT/ Past President NANT.

Jonathan E Traylor Sr.

43, Husband (20 years), Father (2 children) and friend to all. Kidney Transplant Recipient (8/11/20). Advocate and Ambassador of Kidney & Organ Donation. My goal as an Author is to use my personal story and experiences to help build courage, motivate, inspire and most of all give Hope.

Kidney Trails Author/Host of Hope with Jonathan Podcast.

Wills Porter

My name is Wills Porter. I am a liver transplant recipient and the editor of Impact America Media. As a transplant recipient and warrior, I have faced many challenges and joys in my transplant journey. My hope through my blog posts and my podcast (Joy in the Journey Podcast) is to help inform, inspire, empower and speak life to those impacted by organ/tissue donation and transplantation.

Kidney Trails Author, MSW, Founder Impact America Media Editor at Large

Alexandria Rosa

Holistic Health, Wellness Nurse/Nurse Educator/Results Coach

Fred Hill

Motivational Speaker, Author, and Dialysis Advocate

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