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The Kidney Trail Press is excited to release the educational, and inspiring story “I Don’t Know About This?” ( A Patients Initial Dialysis treatment.). In issue 1 of this Graphic Novel series, you will read and see, AW as she starts her first dialysis treatment. This is a Kidney trails press exclusive and be sure to check out the pre order date below.

Dwelyn Williams, CCHT,COO

Graphic Novel Author

Favorite Quote: With out honor, victory is hollow.

Favorite Book: African American Quotations.

What inspired you to write this book? My mother and my profession as a CCHT (Certified Clinical Hemo-Dialysis Technicians.)

What do you hope our readers take away from your book? I hope this book can help answer any questions that anyone may have about dialysis. Especially those that have to face this treatment. Whether they be the Patient, Spouse, Family and Friends.

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