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Diane Givens

Vice President of Digital Marketing & Sales

Vice President of Digital Marketing & Sales @kidneytrails, CEO of @officialdgivens, @dgivensphotos. Content Creator, Writer, Photographer, Motivator, Employee Advocate, Reader, Educator, Knowledge Seeker, Forex Trader, Humble & Friend.

My goal is to maximize our client’s clientele, growth potential, visibility, and more by providing services to expand your brand/profession.

Our mission is to give each client a remarkable experience that will provide a lifetime of success. We work hard to maintain a corporate culture, which reflects our values of ethical standards, reliability, respect, and professionalism.

I also have photos available at dgivensphotos.com to decorate your home or office. We also available are tote bags, masks, mugs, and more.

Please follow me on social media @officialdgivens @dgivensphotos & @kidneytrails & visit http://www.officialdgivens.com

Thank you for visiting and stay blessed,

D Givens

To Contact Diane Directly Email at dgivens.kidneytrails@gmail.com

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