Sign Me Up for a Kidney Transplant

Not long after being deemed officially ESRD, I started to consider what would be the best option for me and the answer came to me a kidney transplant. The reason I felt this was the best option was my age. I just could not see myself all through my 20s and beyond in the dialysisContinue reading “Sign Me Up for a Kidney Transplant”

“ I Don’t Know About This!” ( A Patients Initial Dialysis Treatment)

“Follow us on the Kidney Trails where the Protein of knowledge never ends!” …..Let’s step away from AW’s treatment for a few minutes. I want you to know and fully understand her. As a Nephrology Clinical Technician or as most would say Hemodialysis Technician, we sometimes forget that the individuals that we help take careContinue reading ““ I Don’t Know About This!” ( A Patients Initial Dialysis Treatment)”

I Was Deemed Officially ESRD.

When I was diagnosed with Kidney Disease stage 5, I remember asking the nephrologist would my kidneys come back? Would dialysis forever be a forever thing? Was this my life? The answer that was given, gave me some hope that this thing called dialysis could possibly end very soon. He said that it looked asContinue reading “I Was Deemed Officially ESRD.”

Kidney Coaches and what they did for me.

Kidney Coach: One that educates, motivates, and inspires those that have kidney diesis. They share there experiences and lessons that they have learned along the way, so patients can not only live but to thrive another day. Anthony e reed In today world there are many coaches. We have sports coaches, business coaches, food coaches,Continue reading “Kidney Coaches and what they did for me.”

What I do may today may affect generations to come.

It was not long after I started that my family and I were having a difficult time with the new changes in our lives. You see not only did kidney disease effected me but it effected my family, friends, co-workers, and even those that I was around on a day to day basis. My momContinue reading “What I do may today may affect generations to come.”