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Stay blessed

April 12th 2017

Think about it just one more day and I will be transplanted. This was my thought the day before the transplant. On Monday to start to prepare for surgery I had to drink that nasty lemon stuff. That was fun not really, but I am glad I got extra soft TP. Now I could not have anything to eat and was on liquid diet but I knew that it would be worth it.

Now it was time to get ready to go and get my last antibody infusion glad I could do it at my local hospital seems that I will be sitting most of the day but once again it will be worth it.

Is that my tummy growling well it’s just going to have wait. It won’t be long than I can eat things I have dreamed about. As I got up to get ready for the day these are some of the thoughts that were going through my mind. I got up around 7 and went to my local hospital to get an antibody infusion. Being that my donor was young and so was I this was needed for the transplant to work right. So, to the hospital I went and got the treatment started. As soon as I got started, they brought me a menu and said to pick what I wanted to eat. Trust me it was so tempting to get a plate of real food instead of chicken broth, but I kept me goal in mind and kept with the chicken broth. As I was doing treatment one of the techs stopped by to wish me well to which I thought was so kind of them.

My dialysis center I went to was actually located in the hospital that I was getting my infusion so once I was done, I walked down to the clinic as the staff said they would try to get me in early if they could. Once I got there, I picked up the phone one last time and said Ant is here. Spunky picked up the phone and said OK I will be there shortly. Within a few minutes she came back and said OK come on back. As I walked down the long hallway my mind went back to the first time, I walked the same hallway. The interesting thing is I had the same feeling it felt as though I was walking into the unknown. As soon as I walked on the floor to get my weight I saw my chair and it was decked out with balloons, a coffee mug, pack of gum and a sign that said Ant Congrats and Good Luck, Love your Dialysis team.

I knew it was going to be an emotional day and I was right the rivers of my eyes started to open up. As Jenn stuck me one last time and started that blood pump my mind started to relive some of those first days and the challenging times that I had faced and how I made it through. I put my music on and listened to songs such as The Impossible Dream, Whispers in the night, Faces, sheltered in the arms of God, and the songs that pulled me though. As the staff would leave for the day, they wished me luck and I gave them a gift tears were shed but also there was laughter and we talked about the good memories that we had all created. But it was not only the staff my fellow seat mates came by as they were getting ready to start or the had finished to wish me luck and say we will pray for you.

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

3 hours and 45 minutes later my machine made that sound one last time to announce that treatment was done. Spunky took me off one last time and as she taped up my arm, I got my things together and reached in my bag and handed her, her gift. That was when the rivers of my eyes opened up all the way and tears started to roll down my cheeks. I realized this may be the last time I saw would see them and they were more than my care team. They were family, they stood by me through the hard times, they had been there from the very beginning, they saw me get married, and buy a home. They saw me when I was sick and when I was well. They were with me when the patients planned a picnic, and we got in trouble because one of my fellow seat mates thought Lasagna would be a good idea before lab day. They were there when my wife and I found out we were expecting our first child and now we were here getting ready to walk out of the door for the last time.

The emotional were running high and as I walked out the door one last time, I knew deep down that this was the last time that I would be in that clinic to do dialysis, but it would not be the last time I would go through those doors.

Photo by alleksana on Pexels.com

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Self-promotion Part 2

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Reflections on the Journey: My Second Home

By: Wills Porter

Shifting Environments

Twenty-one years ago, I received my life-saving transplant. Ever since then, I have been to hundreds of doctor appointments and spent a large amount of time in the hospital. As much as I love being home, I also have come to love the hospital. You may be wondering why I would say this. Allow me to explain.

When I was a child, I had quite an experience navigating school. While I had exceptional teachers and administrators that helped me, I struggled with living between two polar opposite environments. Whenever I went to my medical appointments, I had others around me who were focused on helping me be the healthiest I could possibly be. These doctors and nurses were incredible and showed a genuine interest in my wellbeing. On the other hand, adjustment from the hospital to the school environment was a major challenge. Compared to my time in the hospital, my time in school was significantly harder. At that age, I was different. At that age, being different is not always a good thing. After a few years in school, I began looking forward to my transplant clinic days. Here I would be in a place that was more comfortable than the school setting.

My Escape  

Growing up I loved going to my liver clinic visits. Even though these visits involved driving over an hour to my appointment and staying all day at the hospital, these days are by far one of the greatest memories I have a child. Why was this? Afterall, who wants to voluntarily ride in a car for over an hour, go through Atlanta traffic and stay all day at a hospital? As an adult, these are the things you think about. You think about the time commitment it takes to consistently go to medical appointments. However, as a child the traveling and long hours at the hospital did not bother me. In fact, I looked forward to each clinic visit. When I wen to clinic I got to see all my awesome doctors and transplant team. At the same time, this was a day I did not have to go to school. This meant I got a break from the battlefield of school. This was my escape. When I went to my clinic appointment, I was around doctors and fellow transplant warriors who knew my story. Going to clinic also put me around people my age who knew the struggles of the transplant journey. These peers knew the struggles of the transplant journey firsthand. I guess you could say that transplant clinic was my escape. Over the years, the hospital has gone from being an escape to a second home.

I recently had a conversation with one of my friends about why I considered he hospital to be my second home. In having this conversation, I know that many people may think I am weird for taking this view. After having this conversation, I was led to write some of my thoughts about the conversation and ultimately to write this post.

A Second Home 

I know what you are thinking. Why would anyone in their right mind love a hospital to view the environment as a second home? You see, for me liver clinic was the one of the few times I felt like I belonged in this world. In many ways, I think this is what every kid wants in life. to feel accepted for who they are. If you don’t get this in school, you look for it in other places. For me, I ultimately found what I was looking for in the hospital. Now, you may be wondering who in their right mind would enjoy being in a hospital. Afterall, few people go to the hospital because things are going well. For many people, the hospital can be a place of pain and discomfort. To many you may the hospital is the last place to find peace and security. However, I am someone who found acceptance, peace and joy while in the hospital. The reason for this is three-fold. The main reason I found the hospital to be a second home was because my liver clinic days provided a break from the challenges I faced in school. At liver clinic no one was saying vindictive things to me. At liver clinic I didn’t feel like I had to prove myself to anyone. This leads to my second reason for why I came to view the hospital as a home. That is, I was accepted for who I was and didn’t have to explain my medical situation to anyone. In elementary school I would get questions about my scar or about my stature or my tendency to be full of energy. However, when I was in clinic I never got any of these questions. My doctors and the fellow transplant warriors I saw at clinic were always kind, genuine and welcoming. My doctors knew the struggles I had been through and some of the other patients at clinic were facing much more challenging medical circumstances. Even though clinic wasn’t the outside world, I wished it was. To me, the hospital had become like a second home for me.


Some will read this post and question how someone could come to view the hospital as a second home. If you are someone who has never faced major health challenges, you may never understand this feeling. I hope you never have to experience the major life circumstances that lead you to view the day to day operations of a hospital as normal. I know that the life events I have experienced are not normal. Yet, it is through these non-typical life circumstances that I have come to understand the real meaning of life. These life circumstances have also led me to view the hospital differently than others. Many who have never spend a great deal of time in the hospital view the environment as a prison. In this view, the hospital is a restrictive place that is void of hope. On the contrary, I view the hospital environment as a pasture. In this pasture you are free to roam and you have freedom to take advantage of the little victories. You also are able to take hope in the small victories. To me, the beautiful thing about me being in the hospital is that I can be someone who can provide hope to those who need it most. This is called thriving where planted and thriving despite life circumstances. I tis my hope that you too may adopt this view. Not that you would ignore the challenges medical circumstances may look at life’s challenges with a fresh perspective.

Tacos, coffee and…

Two of my favorite things tacos and coffee is a great way to start the morning. But just as important as having a great breakfast it is just as important if not more important to start the day with a good mindset.

One way to start out your day is with a positive quote and think on it throughout the day. So to help you I want to share with you one of my favorites by Jim Rohn

Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.-Jim Rohn

When I was first diagnosed with kidney disease I wanted life to be easier. I wanted to be able to do the things normal 22 year people did. It took some time for me to learn this valuable lesson but once I did I stopped asking life for things to be easier instead I was grateful that I was getting better.

Anthony (Ant) Reed

Self-Promotion Part 1

Self-promotion is similar to spreading the word by any other means but with an artistic approach. If the artistic part were taken out of the equation advertising would look more like barging rather than self-promotion. There are many steps involved in this process. The first step is to collect and create useful content relating to the topic, which is not an easy job.

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Almost to the Top

And time flew by and then I was transplanted, and it was over.

That was what it may have seemed like to those that were observing the process. But for the one that was waiting for the transplant it time seemed to slow down to a crawl. Throughout the process my potential donor was keeping me updated but life went on like nothing was going to happen.

Once my donor was approved things started to move. First a date was set of April 13th, 2017, then my transplant team set me up for test such as stress test, scans, blood work and test, test and more test. But even while all this was happening there felt like something was missing. I asked myself many times what it was until one day I went to my hiding place at the water tank and as I was walking around the tank and doing my checks and I realized that while medically I was ready to receive the transplant, I was not fully ready mentally. There were things that I needed to do to prepare myself.

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

Prayer- While I had done this many times and knew my faith was stronger there was a need for it to be stronger than it had ever been and so to my knees I went.

Reflecting on the Journey- Taking time to think about first being diagnoses to some of the fun and funny times that I had in dialysis. To the challenges that I had faced and lessons that was learned was needed.

Finish my Goals- Any goal that I had that needed to be finished was finished. This was important as I did not want any unclaimed goal to hanging over my head when I received my transplant.

Preparing to thank the staff- Now this may seem a little odd, but I wanted to show my appreciation to the care for what they did for me. I took the time to thank the staff with thank you cards, small gifts to plaques for some to hang on their wall.

Be a fan- This was also important to me as well as I was a huge fan to most that took care of me so I made a Paper Kidney the staff could sign. I never wanted to forget the names of those that took care of me. I still have this to this day and can still name the majority of those that took care of me.

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

As the day got closer, I wanted to make sure I remembered everyone and even went so far to request certain staff that would help from other clinics to take care of me.

Once I was prepared it was time but wait there was still one more treatment until graduation day and in the next blog, I will be sharing with you what happened April 12, 2017, and trust me this is a blog you don’t want to miss. Until next time you can do a few things subscribe to the blog, so you don’t miss a single post. Subscribe and share it with your followers and most important be encouraged for you are one step closer to the next peak.

A new day.

Every day is the opportunity for a new adventure.

I love to get a good start for the day this usually includes fixing breakfast, reading part of a book, fix a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes with my family before we all start the day.

By having a routine it helps your day to go smoother and even a day that is more challenging can be less challenging by having a routine. I would encourage you if you don’t have a routine start one. Find out what makes you want to get up in the morning instead of hitting the alarm clock. So get a good start to and be ready for the new adventure that we all call a new day.

Letting the care team know and the Suprise.

Many time the end is the beginning of something beautiful.

Photo by Krivec Ales on Pexels.com

Once my future donor came to me there was a blur of activity. With a few days after the birthday party, she had called and passed the first test after that appointments were being set up blood work, exams, seeing the Kidney transplant team and all the other things that are involved. If you are looking to donate or you need a donor this part of the process takes time, and a bit of patience’s will help during this processes. The next time I saw my care team during our conversation I let them know that there was a possible donor and that she had passed some of the test as was getting evaluated to see if she was a good match as a donor. They were excited for me though I could tell they were bit apprehensive for there was always a chance that it might not work out.

A few weeks later I was sleeping in a little bit on Saturday morning and my wife got up to go to work. Next thing I know she was shaking me awake saying Honey, Honey wake up. I am thinking just let me sleep in I am tired and want to go back to sleep. What time is it anyway. 5 in the morning!!!! After a few seconds of shaking me I woke up half asleep. My wife said: Honey I am pregnant. I woke up quick after that. This was amazing for we never expected to have a child with me going to dialysis and my wife having some physical issues as well it was always a question if we would be able to have a child.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Let me take you back to the previous December my wife and I had a desire to have children to the point that we had said if we can’t have kids on our own let’s look into adoption and started to look into this option. But at Christmas of 2015 we were at my family’s and my cousin, and her husband announced they were going to have their second child. We were happy for them but deep down it hurt for we tried to no avail, and it looked as though we would not have our own.

So, this news my wife broke to me that Saturday was unexpected, but we were so grateful of for the possibility to become parents. That Night we told both of our parents and they were how do you say ecstatic. What a wonderful time in our lives. Now I do have to share this part of the story with you as well. After we had found out I went into dialysis I believe that Monday night and one of the care team noticed that it looked as though I was not feeling good and asked what was going on I told her we found out my wife was pregnant, she was so excited for me but started to laugh and said that I had morning sickness. Over the next few months, we had so much going on that we could did not even have time to turn around. My donor was getting test done and letting us know. Transplant was sending me for some more test and then my wife was going to the OBGYN as well so a busy few months for sure. It was about February that my donor called and told us that she was a match when did we want to have this done. I told her that this was her decision not mine and she now that she wanted me to choose and gave me a range of dates to choose from the date, we had decided on was April the 13th 2017 about three to four weeks before my son was due. I had a reason for this I did not want my son to be born with his daddy on dialysis. So, the date of graduation was set, and we all were ready.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

Lessons: There is a lesson to take from this part of my story and here it is.

  1. Patience is not only a virtue but something that always needs work-I have not completely master this and not sure I ever will but every time this test is given to me, I am a little bit more patient. When you are waiting on something you need it is hard to sit still and wait. Keep busy while you wait and before you know it the answer will be there.
  2. Impossible is possible- Throughout my life this lesson has been proven over and over again. While it may seem, your situation is impossible Rember that your situation is possible. Life sometimes tests our faith to see if we are ready to receive the answer and if we pass the test the answer will come.

Until next time there are a few things you can do. First subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss any new and exciting content. Share what you have learned for it may help some one along the way and finally “Stay encouraged along your journey, you my friend are one step closer to the next peak.”