Dialysis from the Inside (Part 1)

My name is Marco Antonio Santana and I was born in Paterson, New Jersey.  My large family spent only the first few years of my life there before moving to Massachusetts, where we have lived ever since.  My childhood was very normal and included all the typical bumps and bruises associated with having four siblings. Continue reading “Dialysis from the Inside (Part 1)”

Kidney Friendly Sloppy Joe’s

When I was in elementary school we were served “sloppy joe” sandwiches.  They were just that…sloppy.  They were also salty.   As a kid, I didn’t even pay attention to the nutrient content of foods, but now I do.  There is a food product in stores that some folks use to make sloppy joe type meals,Continue reading “Kidney Friendly Sloppy Joe’s”