The Kidney Disease Rollercoaster

From a 20 year old Sports & Fitness Studies student, to kidney Failure, to becoming the “Fastest Sick Person in Europe”. Or, I could start with; healthy student, to dialysis patient, to transplant recipient, back to dialysis patient, to transplant recipient again, to husband and father, to… I love the goal of “…bringing real life experienceContinue reading “The Kidney Disease Rollercoaster”

Light at the End of COVID Valley

So I beat COVID right? To think about beating COVID to some may be unthinkable and unattainable but to me it was attainable and very possible and now it is a story that I will share with my future grandchildren. I can see it now sitting in my easy chair and my future grandchildren sittingContinue reading “Light at the End of COVID Valley”

I am a kidney transplant patient, and I had COVID.

This is a statement that never dreamed that I would say but yet I am saying it today as I write about my experience with COVID. This is part of the adventure and part of my journey along the Kidney Trails.  I remember being at work one day and hearing COVID. It is a wordContinue reading “I am a kidney transplant patient, and I had COVID.”

Dialysis, Drawing and Motivational Talks….

Fall was here and I was still waiting, hoping that some miracle would happen. Maybe my kidneys would regain function and I would not have to do dialysis. I know what the doctor said that I was ESRD and my kidneys would not regain function but still was anything possibly or maybe I would getContinue reading “Dialysis, Drawing and Motivational Talks….”

Redesigning my Dialysis Treatment: By Thelma Desjarlis

 Three days after we had just moved into our newly purchased home, our seemingly normal life was about to be rattled by this unforgiving disease. We were so busy unpacking our things when all of a sudden, I felt funny, and a nagging pain in my head became so excruciating that I started vomiting endlessly.Continue reading “Redesigning my Dialysis Treatment: By Thelma Desjarlis”

Is it possible to travel on dialysis?

When can I go on vaction? That is a question that I am sure that many have that are on dialysis. Now I do want to say here that pre-covid days, this is a question that many of the medical staff would say, when do you want to travel and where do you want toContinue reading “Is it possible to travel on dialysis?”