Tacos, coffee and…

Two of my favorite things tacos and coffee is a great way to start the morning. But just as important as having a great breakfast it is just as important if not more important to start the day with a good mindset. One way to start out your day is with a positive quote andContinue reading “Tacos, coffee and…”

Letting the care team know and the Suprise.

Many time the end is the beginning of something beautiful. Once my future donor came to me there was a blur of activity. With a few days after the birthday party, she had called and passed the first test after that appointments were being set up blood work, exams, seeing the Kidney transplant team andContinue reading “Letting the care team know and the Suprise.”

Have the sweetest victory.

Over the past couple blogs, I have shared some very personal parts of my journey. While they are personal, I believe that if you take the lessons that are in the story, it can be a great benefit to you. There were so many challenges on my journey, and it seemed that this last challengeContinue reading “Have the sweetest victory.”

Some of the greatest challenges…

How do you pull yourself up out of a valley so low that you can not even see light from the sun?  Simple, stop looking down in the valley and start looking up. In this blog I want to talk a little bit about high phosphors, calciphylaxis and what it can do to someone fromContinue reading “Some of the greatest challenges…”

I don’t know about tomorrow.

I have heard many people that say that life goes with you or without you. How true this statement is and it became especially true during the spring in 2016. After finding out that my phosphorus was so high and that if something did not change there would be dire consequences. It was a toughContinue reading “I don’t know about tomorrow.”

Building You 2022

Are you ready to take your career, your business and yourself to a new level. The Kidney Trails Team is excited to be able to host the virtual “Building you in 2022” Conference November 3rd-5th 2022 You will hear from the top voices in the Renal, Personal development community. Fill the form down below toContinue reading “Building You 2022”