The 3 C’s of Compelling Storytelling

The 3 C’s of Compelling Storytelling When it comes to storytelling, you want to captivate your audience at every stage; hook them in, tantalise them with the details and have blown them away by the end, making sure they always remember you. Here are my top tips – which I call the ‘3 C’s’ –Continue reading “The 3 C’s of Compelling Storytelling”

Good times in dialysis Prt2

It’s funny, as I was finishing up part 1 of “Good Time’s in Dialysis” I realized that there are so many things that happened when I was in dialysis that were good. Sometimes downright funny, and I thought I would share some of these experiences. I want to first start out with a disclaimer ifContinue reading “Good times in dialysis Prt2”

Janice Laverne Starling-Williams Journey.

Janice Starling is the 5theldest child out of 6 siblings of the late Mr. Jimmy Lee Sr. and Mrs. Viola Starling of St. Petersburg, FL. As a child, Janice was extremely active and loved school with her whole heart. She was a cheerleader and the apple of her dad’s eye who would escort her aroundContinue reading “Janice Laverne Starling-Williams Journey.”

Kidney Disease from the eyes of a companion.

I would like to thank the team at Kidney Trails for the opportunity to tell my story. This story is about being the husband of someone with Kidney Disease and not about KWM the story of KWM will come at another time. It all started about 17 years ago when my wife and I gotContinue reading “Kidney Disease from the eyes of a companion.”

What was in my dialysis bag?

Almost everyone that went to dialysis most had a bag. Backpacks, duffle bags, tote bags, suitcases, yes I said suitcases you would be surprised what one would bring. When I started dialysis I received the same care package as everyone else: A medium tote bag, a blanket and a set of headphones. After a fewContinue reading “What was in my dialysis bag?”

To be a Kidney Donor

It was 1986, when my sister started dating her future husband, Rob, nobody would ever have imagined that in 22 years. Me, the “little sister” of his girlfriend, a 10 year old, fairly obnoxious child would have the opportunity to change his life. Their story is the classic high school sweetheart. Having 2 younger siblingsContinue reading “To be a Kidney Donor”

The Second Covid Vaccine and Beyond.

COVID-19 has had such a negative impact in the world but as with my last post about COVID-19 I still believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel and at the end of each day that light shines brighter and brighter.  After the first shot I felt much better after the secondContinue reading “The Second Covid Vaccine and Beyond.”

What’s New with the Renal Diet?

In 2020, the National Kidney Foundation Quality Guidelines for Nutrition were updated to recommend a healthier plant based, whole foods diet for people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) with or without dialysis. With this in mind, renal diet recommendations encompass more heart healthy guidelines. This will allow for a greater variety of food offerings for theContinue reading “What’s New with the Renal Diet?”