The KT Team

Anthony E Reed

CEO/Master Kidney Coach/Speaker/Podcaster/Author

As a former dialysis patient, and now living with a kidney transplant. Anthony knows what it takes to not only live with kidney disease but to live beyond kidney disease. He has shared his story and lessons he has learned on a nationwide level. You can explore (Anthonys Journey) or read about the (Lessons) he has experienced that can help you on your journey.

Carol Jones

Registered Dietitian
CDO/Certified Specialist in Renal Nutrition/Author

As a renal dietician for 15+ years, Carol brings the experience and enthusiasm that patients and medical professionals alike can benefit from. As one of the bloggers for kidney trails blog (Trail Food), she shows you what it takes to eat right, delicious recipes, and even words of wisdom to help you on your journey.

Dwelyn Williams

COO/CCHT/Past President NANT/Fresenius Kidney Care-Arcadia, Author.

As a dialysis technician for 20 years, Dwelyn Williams brings his experience to the team not only as a CCHT but as a communicator among people. He has served in many roles ranging from a traveling Hemodialysis Technician to the President of NANT ( National Association of Nephrology Technicians/Technologist). Not only does he have professional experience but also personal as well which has helped him to define and create his purpose. As the author of “I Don’t Know He has made a profound impact on many that are traveling the Kidney Trails. Dwelyn hopes to Inspire others to take leadership roles not only professionally but in their lives as well.

Heather N Reed

Kidney Trails Editor in Chief, Patient Advocate

As the wife of a former dialysis patient and current transplant patient, Heather saw not only what traveling the kidney trails was like but also where it can lead. Through watching her husband (Anthony E Reed) take this journey, Heather not only brings her experience as an observer and care partner but also has a passion to share with the world the journey of the Care Partner on Kidney Trails.

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