If you take away what you fear….

If you take away what you fear what will you do this year? It’s a great thought the other day I was at a birthday party and the kids were having a great time and then it came time to hit the piñata.

As the kids lined up to hit it some of them stood to the side and said that they did not want to play. As the kids got ready to play they were blindfolded and spun around and then they would try to hit it. The first few times they would miss but after that they would find it and give it a hard smack.

Finally after every one hit it and I would say there was about 13 kids the piñata would not break. The organizer of the party finally said just hit it without the blindfold. It was then one of the kids that did not want to hit it at first spoke up and said I will hit it if I do t have to use the blindfold. The blindfold scares me.

Isn’t fascinating that once the blindfold was taken away he was willing to hit it. Now I have a question for you. What fear is holding you back from stepping into dream and living the reality it holds for you. For the longest time there were things that I allowed stand in my way from achieving that dream. Once I stopped fearing that thing that held me back I stepped into my dream and the dream is now my reality.

Don’t let fear hold you back from living the life you want to live. Just go and start to try.


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