Celebrating Lab Week.

Have you ever given thought about how important the labs are to your healthcare? When I was on dialysis, I never really gave much thought about how important they were to me. Sure, the dietician would come by every month and tell me where I was doing well and where I lacked in the renal way of eating. Yes, I had been diagnosed with kidney dieses and that was because of the lab. But when it came to actually thinking about what they do and appreciating all they do never crossed my mind.

This week April 23-29th 2023 is Lab week and I truly appreciate all the labs do. I have said many times that the labs are my medical GPS for they show me where I am health wise, and this is important to living a life of success. You say really your health is important to being successful. Yes, it is success is determined differently by everyone. Think about it to some it is running that business and making the money. Others it is on a piece of land in the countryside and working the land to make a living. Others it is the joy of being with their family and loved ones and taking time to relax and enjoy life. None of these descriptions are wrong in fact Earl Nightgale once said ” Sucess is a progression realization of a worthy Ideal.” Whatever that idea of success you have if you are striving to is you are successful.

You say but what does this have to do with the Labs and being healthy. It is much easier to be successful if you are healthy enough to obtain success.” The Labs play an important role in all of our lives. Ensuring that we know where we are physically and if there is something out of the ordinary it can be addressed, and we can continue to strive to obtain that life that we deserve to live. Yes, the Lab is my Medical GPS, and I am ever grateful for what they have done for me and what they continue to do. Yes, the Labs are one of the reasons that I am here and not just a memory. Yes, the labs are as the ASCP patient champions slogan says” The Lab that saved my life. To those that work in the Labs take a minute and know that you are the reason that people have the opportunity to reach out and take that dream and call it reality. You my friends are the labs that have saved our lives.


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