Water and Transplant

As someone who has a transplant water is very important to me. But not just any water but clean water. I remember when I was being worked up for a kidney transplant one of the things that the team asked me was what type of water source did, I have. Was I getting water from the city, county, well or from another source. This was important because someone that receives a organ transplant they immune system is weak at best due to the ant-rejection meds. If someone drinks contaminated water that has a transplant there is greater risk to their health and their transplant. Not only is it important for someone that has a weak immune system it is also important for someone that is healthy to drink clean water as well.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As someone that has been in the water treatment industry for over 10 years, I know how important it is to all of us. In this blog series I want to share with you some facts about Water and how to treat it.

Please note that this portion of the blog was written by: Robert and Jack Slovak and Lyle Hartman.

Questions And Answers About Water and Water treatment.

1. Does boiling the tap water make it pure?

The idea of boiling water originated at the time when the main danger was the possibility of disease organisms in water supplies. Heating water to 212 F for several minutes effectively kills harmful bacteria making it safe for human consumption in emergency situations (boiling does not always kill virus and cysts).

However, modern water supplies can contain excess salts, heavy metals and numerous complex toxic chemicals from industrial and agricultural pollution and most of these are not destroyed or removed by boiling. Worse, many are actually concentrated if the water is boiled because the pure water vapor is evaporated away.


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