Your Outlook can change your Outcome.

There is ancient text that says “The Spirit of a Man shall sustain himself through his infirmity’s.”

I find this text fascinating and it is one that have applied to my life for several years. The word spirit in Webster dictionary has a few meanings but one that stirs my mind is “temper or disposition or outlook especially when vigorous or animated.” The word disposition is a important word to this meaning as it means “prevailing tendency or mood.”

My mind goes back to 2008 when I had a stroke. It was devastating in fact I believe it affected me more than when I was diagnosed with Kidney Disease. But why this is a great question. I believe part of the reason is I was laid off from work and this I used my stroke as a excuse for not getting up and trying to work or find a job. One negative thought from a negative situation can undo all the positive things that has happened in your life. Unless you grab a hold of your mind and change your thoughts.

Does our mood or disposition change because of what we go through. It certainly does if we are sick, lost a loved one, or something did not go our way. We need to control our emotions if we want to see a positive outcome of negative situation. To keep a good positive spirit up we must.

1. reading a encouraging book.

2. Talking to someone that encourages us.

3. Listen to a self-help or motivational talk.

4. Create a goal. It could be as simple as making our bed. Just the simple joy of accomplishment as making your bed can cause a feeling so great that you will set bigger goals for yourself the next time.

These are just a few thoughts that may help you on your journey.


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