Life is short, even at its longest.

I am sure that we have all seen the memes that say life is short eat more tacos or do this and that. While these are fun there is truth to every one of these memes “Life is short.”

Someone said “Life is short even at its longest.” How true life is just that short. I know for me it took something such as kidney disease and starting dialysis to make me realize how short and fragile life really is.

But if life is short how should we spend our time. The simple answer is carefully and wisely. Every minute of every day spend your time on things that bring meaning and purpose to your life. This could be time with your family, working on your dream, trying new ideas and learning new skills. Lately I myself have been working to learn more musical instruments. It brings me joy when I find a new chord or lick.

Time with my kids is so fun. There has been a video that has been circulating and the person says that we only have kids for a short time. From 1-5 is the most enjoyable times and you will never get those time back. I have 3 kids they range from 5-2 and I have started to enjoy even the more stressful times.

Time with family is also important. Not just close family, extended family. The cousins and Aunts and Uncle you may only see one a year. Set up a lunch or coffee with them. In the days of electronic I think many feel that following each other on social media is enough when it isn’t.

Don’t let your situation in life hinder you from doing the things that brings you happiness and joy. While it’s true that life is short, make sure that it will be a life well spent.


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