Book Review: 5 Ways I tackled and thrived through kidney failure.

I love to read books on success, motivation, self help, financial ect. But also love to read books on other people’s journey through kidney failure.

I can remember when I was on dialysis I longed to read or hear other peoples journey on dialysis and how they overcame the challenges of life. But not just the medical challenges, the mental clans just life challenges. In his book Author Darren Cawley he does just this.

Darren has 5 subjects that he has written about Affirmation, Role Models, Positive Mindset, Reading and exercise. You may ask what do these subjects have to do with kidney failure. Through out his book Darren is able to point to his kidney failure experience and coordinate it with each subject beautifully. This is so needed in to todays time. Instead of just focusing on the medical terminology and all the things that could happen to you with kidney failure. Darren ensure that you have the tools to overcome those challenges that kidney disease may throw at you.

This book is a must read and definitely one for your e-library. Not only for those that have kidney disease but it can also apply to any challenges we may face in life.

Click the link to to sign up and receive your copy.


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