I am not a quitter.

I saw this sign the other day at a the rumor mill coffee shop and got a little laugh out of it. For anyone that enjoys coffee I am sure you can relate to this sign as well. As I was walking out of that coffee shop I start to think about that in more depth.

What about if you change the word Coffee and put in what you are working towards now. Whether that word be dream, business, life, relationships ect. For example I could give up my plumbing business. But I am not a quitter. Or I could give up the life that I am living though it’s difficult because of what I am facing. But I am not a quitter.

In fact it’s a great idea to write out what you are working on and place that beside your nightstand and every morning when you wake you say it aloud and when you get to that part of I am not a quitter say it with as much gusto that you can muster up and I am sure that your dream and the negativities that are happing in your life will both hear it and more than likely your dream will win out.


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