Book Review: Rejection Proof.

This is a book that all of transplant Recipients need to read right. Well not sure about that but this book is definitely one that I would recommend adding to your library whether you are a transplant recipient or not. Here are some of my thoughts and insights that I took from this book.

I first read about this book from Anna Sabino “Your Creative Career.” Which I will review at a later time. But the title really caught my attention and the little bit about the book that Anna shared in her book interested me. So I went online purchased the book and started to read and study it.

The book starts out with the author Jia Jiang sharing about driving down the road looking for a door to knock on to start his journey of one-hundred day journey to overcome his fear of rejection.

Rejection is something that we as humans face on a day to day basis and to overcome that can be challenging. In his book Jia Jiang not only shares his experiences of overcoming rejection but also in the book he shares that he documented his journey on You Tube. Which I immediately went to and started to watch his past videos on his journey.

By using the book and You Tube channel I felt that got a ton out of his experiences and one lesson that stuck out to me was this one.

Many times we reject our own ideas before they can be rejected by anyone else. How many ideas do we have and yet because we have rejected them in our own mind they never come to fruition?

Through out his books the author shares many experiences in his journey some of the request would be full filled and other would not. But the more he did it the easier it became until finally he beat the fear of No and became invincible.

Through out this book you will laugh you may shed a few tears but most importantly you will learn the lessons through the eye of the author. This is definitely a must read book for all no matter where you are at in life and one to have in your library. I give the book a 5 star rating.

You can find his website and link to purchase his book in the link


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