Is your fire still lit?

I have a question for you the end of 2022 did you make a resolution or set some new goals for the new year? If so are you still excited about achieving this those goals and working towards them or did your fire go out?

Many times people will set new goals and at the start they will be all gung ho working to obtained that goal over a period of time the fire goes out and they stop working towards that goal. It reminds me of going hiking or camping and starting a fire but after starting the fire no wood is added or stoking of the coals is done and soon a small breeze blows through and the fire goes out. The same is with goals that no action is taking other than setting the goal it loses its fire and goes out.

One if the ways to keep your fire lit is to have a vision of your goal. Know why you set the goal and what your end results is going to be.

When I was on dialysis the social worker came by every year and asked me to set new goals for the year and every year the same goal was set and that was to receive a Kidney Transplant. While this was not a bad goal in fact it was a great goal to achieve. I had to do more than make a goal I also had to keep my mind on that goal and what it would take to accomplish this. One is to envision myself living with a Kidney Transplant, see what I would be accomplishing. Once I caught that vision I lived and breathed it every day, I became laser focused on this goal and every day I would add another thing that I could do with a transplant and in 2017 that goal was reached.

If you catch a vision of your goal you are well on your way accomplishing that goal. If you don’t have a vision start today, see yourself accomplishing that and celebrating that win and add wood to that fire.


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