When the bread goes wrong, make tortillas.

The other day I got the hankering for bread and so I gathered up some flour, water, spices and butter. Everything was together and as I started to roll and cut the dough out for my bread I realized that used all purpose flour instead of self-rising flour. Now this was problem for my bread would be flatter than a pancake and probably not to good for much of anything. I could have taken the dough and threw it away and started over or try to use what I had. After making a quick decision I decided to make tortillas. Now they were a little different because I had put rosemary and thyme in it but what is the worse that could happen. Nothing really they were great tortillas the flavor was a bit different but all in all they were delicious.

Life is like that as well. We all have plans for our lives and things are going great. Then life steps in and throws something at us we did not expect. What do we do with it throw away what we have or try something different. At 22 when I was diagnosed with kidney disease I had plans for my life. Working in the corporate world I had started to move up in the company. But then I had to go to dialysis and my plans changed. No more was I trying to climb the corporate ladder there were days I was just trying to survive. But instead of letting the situation get me down and throw everything away I made tortillas.

Yes my life is different than what I had planned at 22 but I can’t imagine my life being any different than what it is today. I have a family that I love, job that I enjoy, friends that I can count on and purpose for my life. When it comes down to it I am glad I did not throw away what I had but made something that was different and it truly is better than anything I could have imagined.

Ant Reed


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