What if this is your last year.

What if this is your last year to be alive? This is a question that I asked myself when I started dialysis and one that I have asked myself since. Also along with that question I always follow up with What would I do different if I knew that this was my last year.

Some people may spend more time with there families or try to check off everything on there bucket list. But that is if they knew that this was the last year they would have. But no one really knows if it is the last year so people many times only live 5% of there life and then when there time is up they die with regret.

What regrets you ask? The time they could have been home with there family making cookies and having a game night. The Business they always dreamed of having but we’re too scared to make that first step. The nit picking and unkind words they said about others people true or not. Writing that book of their story that they know is in them. Be a better person and grow to their full potential. Going on vacation more often and just living life to its fullest.

That’s the key live life to its fullest and you won’t die with regret. Take time to smell the roses, think before we speak, take that dream vacation, start that business, spend time with you family etc, ect. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow in fact there may be some that are reading this blog right now that are living there last year and don’t know it. When being diagnosed with kidney disease and having to do dialysis it changed my perspective about life. With this simple philosophy of life making sure that to love every day life to its fullest every moment of every day because you never know when it will be the last year, the last week, the last day or last moment.

Enjoy this journey that we call life and embrace the adventures that are set before you.

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