Starting a Blog…

When it comes to writing where do you even start? I remember asking myself this very question before Kidney Trails was started. As a speaker I never really had to write to much other than some notes on some note cards for my speech.

But in 2020 that all changed. The whole world had been hit by the pandemic and the speaking engagements I had were all cancelled. I was faced with a dilemma how do I get my story and the lessons that I learned from kidney disease out.

There were some options podcasting, vlogging or blogging. Though I did journal the thought of writing my whole story out was a little overwhelming to me. Then it hit me I could set my own deadlines and there were programs that were free that could help with my spelling and grammar. So I eventually decided to blog even though I knew that my writing skills were subpar at best. It did not matter to me as long as one person was able to take something away from my writing it would be worth it. So Kidney Trails got started and it was not long the first blog went out.

It was not a easy process but as Andrew Carnegie said “Anything in life worth having is worth working for. If you have a story to share or thinking about writing a book. A blog it’s a great way to share you story and it can help with your writing skills.


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