A good cup of coffee and music.

Not to long ago I wrote a blog call “The song that could not be heard.” In that blog I share on of the challenges in my life that brought me to my knees.

But what about when life is good? Personally I love a good cup of coffee and some music in the morning. Though I love piano music or a good toe tapping bluegrass. In the morning usually I will put on some jazz music and make me a latte.

Both helps me to get a great start to the morning. Music has been a big part of my life and one of the key components that helped me when I was on dialysis. Whether is was Jazz, Gospel, Classical or bluegrass it always seemed to life me up.

What about you do you have a favorite style of music or song that you listen for a pick me up. What ever that is I encourage you to put on your favorite music and make yourself a great cup of coffee and go out and have a fabulous day.

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