Letting the care team know and the Suprise.

Many time the end is the beginning of something beautiful.

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Once my future donor came to me there was a blur of activity. With a few days after the birthday party, she had called and passed the first test after that appointments were being set up blood work, exams, seeing the Kidney transplant team and all the other things that are involved. If you are looking to donate or you need a donor this part of the process takes time, and a bit of patience’s will help during this processes. The next time I saw my care team during our conversation I let them know that there was a possible donor and that she had passed some of the test as was getting evaluated to see if she was a good match as a donor. They were excited for me though I could tell they were bit apprehensive for there was always a chance that it might not work out.

A few weeks later I was sleeping in a little bit on Saturday morning and my wife got up to go to work. Next thing I know she was shaking me awake saying Honey, Honey wake up. I am thinking just let me sleep in I am tired and want to go back to sleep. What time is it anyway. 5 in the morning!!!! After a few seconds of shaking me I woke up half asleep. My wife said: Honey I am pregnant. I woke up quick after that. This was amazing for we never expected to have a child with me going to dialysis and my wife having some physical issues as well it was always a question if we would be able to have a child.

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Let me take you back to the previous December my wife and I had a desire to have children to the point that we had said if we can’t have kids on our own let’s look into adoption and started to look into this option. But at Christmas of 2015 we were at my family’s and my cousin, and her husband announced they were going to have their second child. We were happy for them but deep down it hurt for we tried to no avail, and it looked as though we would not have our own.

So, this news my wife broke to me that Saturday was unexpected, but we were so grateful of for the possibility to become parents. That Night we told both of our parents and they were how do you say ecstatic. What a wonderful time in our lives. Now I do have to share this part of the story with you as well. After we had found out I went into dialysis I believe that Monday night and one of the care team noticed that it looked as though I was not feeling good and asked what was going on I told her we found out my wife was pregnant, she was so excited for me but started to laugh and said that I had morning sickness. Over the next few months, we had so much going on that we could did not even have time to turn around. My donor was getting test done and letting us know. Transplant was sending me for some more test and then my wife was going to the OBGYN as well so a busy few months for sure. It was about February that my donor called and told us that she was a match when did we want to have this done. I told her that this was her decision not mine and she now that she wanted me to choose and gave me a range of dates to choose from the date, we had decided on was April the 13th 2017 about three to four weeks before my son was due. I had a reason for this I did not want my son to be born with his daddy on dialysis. So, the date of graduation was set, and we all were ready.

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Lessons: There is a lesson to take from this part of my story and here it is.

  1. Patience is not only a virtue but something that always needs work-I have not completely master this and not sure I ever will but every time this test is given to me, I am a little bit more patient. When you are waiting on something you need it is hard to sit still and wait. Keep busy while you wait and before you know it the answer will be there.
  2. Impossible is possible- Throughout my life this lesson has been proven over and over again. While it may seem, your situation is impossible Rember that your situation is possible. Life sometimes tests our faith to see if we are ready to receive the answer and if we pass the test the answer will come.

Until next time there are a few things you can do. First subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss any new and exciting content. Share what you have learned for it may help some one along the way and finally “Stay encouraged along your journey, you my friend are one step closer to the next peak.”


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