Have the sweetest victory.

Over the past couple blogs, I have shared some very personal parts of my journey. While they are personal, I believe that if you take the lessons that are in the story, it can be a great benefit to you.

There were so many challenges on my journey, and it seemed that this last challenge was going to put me in the grave. But something changed, and I finally said enough with these negative thoughts. I made up my mind right then and there that I would win it at all cost. 

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Living and enjoying life to its fullest potential.

One of the most important decisions that I made during this time was to live and enjoy life to its full potential. Why was this decision so significant? There are many people in the world that we live in that do not live life to even a quarter of its potential and by the time they realize this. They are on their deathbed, and they die in the bed of wishes and regrets and their life will be remembered by what they were and not what they did and soon the memory of that person will be lost to time itself. 

But how do you live and enjoy life to its fullest potential? Here are a few things that I did to start to live and enjoy life.

  1. Take time to smell the roses.  I know this is simple but enjoy the small things. The flowers that are growing in the field. Or the smell of the gentle summer breeze. Maybe it is the 5-minute conversation you have with a loved one or friend. There are so many roses that we can smell and most of the time we pass them by without giving them a second glance.
  2. Give life your all and expect to get all life has for you.  Whatever you do, do it with such gusto and life that even life itself will give you a hand in completing your goal.
  3. Celebrate your accomplishments.  This can definitely be a great thing to do, but it can have both a positive and negative effect and should be used carefully. If you celebrate too little you can make your major accomplishment seem small and get no fulfillment out of what you did. On the other hand if you celebrate too much you can lose sight of where you have come from and who you should have been. As I said it is great to celebrate your accomplishments but be careful as this can steal your joy and even your life.  
  4. Step out of your comfort zone-It has been said that greatness is just a step out of your comfort zone. This could mean trying to cook when you have never cooked. Or it could mean speaking in front of an audience and sharing your story. Whatever that could be, just be willing to take one step out of your comfort zone.
Photo by Los Muertos Crew on Pexels.com

It was about August that I wanted to do something different, something that was out of the ordinary, and so I decided to throw my own birthday party. Yes I threw my own party and when I told my wife what I wanted to do she said that I was conceited. Which was probably true, but sometimes you earn the right to be a little conceited. Now don’t do it all the time for it will hinder you but once or twice in a lifetime can’t hurt. By the time the party was planned we had all the food picked out. I tried to make sure that I had food that was kidney friendly so that I could keep my phos down. The months after I was told my phos was too high I did what was supposed to do and managed to get it down a little with eating better and also some phos Binders. If I remember correctly, we had tacos that night and also decided that I would make a homemade tortilla shell. This was something new even though I cooked this was something out of my comfort zone. What a wonderful party it was and one that will be remembered for a long time.

Photo by Kai Pilger on Pexels.com

During the evening my cousin and I were in the music room jamming. He was playing the piano and I can’t quite remember what I was playing, banjo or melodica. But it was during this time my brother-in-law’s wife came in the room and was listening to us play and requested us to play some Disney songs. Which we did with as much gusto as we could muster. After we finished she said” Anthony I have been wanting to talk to you all night.” I am thinking of what is going on here. She said I have had this burden since spring time about March/. April and my husband and I talked about it, prayed, and counseled about it and I feel this is the way I am supposed to go. Anthony, I want to donate my kidney to you. I am an O+ and you are an O+ and this is going to work. How do you reply to this, what do you say, what do you do. Did I thank her, hug her, cry well? I did none of those in fact I just stood there not knowing what to do other than to give her my transplant coordinators numbers.

Wait a minute did I hear her right she said spring time right march/April? Yes she did that was the time that I found out about my phos and when I heard that I had 6 months.to live. Coincidence I think not in fact I believe that this is something special. At the end of the night my wife and I talked about not really knowing what to think but excited at the prospect of the great things to come.

Lessons: In this blog I want to share with you a few lessons from this experience

  1. The answer is usually hidden behind the hardest challenges. Had I decided to give into those awful thoughts and give up where I would have been? I would have been right where my mind tried to place me in the casket. Instead, I fought through those battles and because of that I am where I am today in a much better place.
  2. Listen to the still small voice of life.- This is something that I observed from my donor by what she said. I have had this burden since springtime about march/. April The still small voice of life spoke to her, and she listened. This can be hard for many because the noise of the world is loud and boisterous and if you are not listening you will miss that still small voice and the positive impact you could have made will disappear never to come again.

While these are just a few lessons if learned they can make a positive impact on your life and the life of others around you. What a wonderful time this was, and I am glad that I traveled on even though the path seemed impossible to pass through.

Until next time there are a few things you can do. First subscribe to the blog, so you don’t miss any new and exciting content. Share what you have learned as it may help someone along the way and finally “Stay encouraged along your journey, you my friend are one step closer to the next peak.”

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