Own It Part 2: The Journey Ahead

What is an Advocate?

When you hear the word advocate, who do you think of? Maybe your view of an advocate is a social worker who helps someone in a time of need. Maybe you think about a politician or non-profit organization that supports a cause important to you. Whoever you view as being an advocate, I think that the main theme is that your view of advocate is someone who is focused on improving the wellbeing of another person (that person may be you or someone else). In the case of this blog series I am not defining advocate in this way. Instead, I am using the word advocate to define someone who uses their voice to speak for themselves. It is my hope that this series will give you the tools to not only speak for yourself but to also confidently navigate the medical environment.

The Journey Ahead

Before we continue in this new journey of self-advocacy, I think it is important for us to consider a few questions. These next few questions are designed to help you reflect on your own self-advocacy journey. Most importantly, these questions are going to focus on helping you find some areas of growth potential in your own self-advocacy journey. If you are just starting out or you feel like yo could do better in how you advocate for your medical needs, don’t worry. I believe we are all on our own journey of self-advocacy and we don’t need to have it all together. In order to Own It you simply need a willingness to learn and dedication. This dedication is not to anyone else except yourself. You have the power within you to be the change you want for your life. The question is simple. Will you own It?

Key Questions

Who advocates for your health needs/do you advocate for your health needs?

Are you confident talking with your doctors about your unique medical circumstances (your current medical challenges)?

Do you feel confident talking to your doctors if you have questions or concerns?

If you have a specific medical condition, do you know how that condition impacts your body?

How can you use this series to become a better self-advocate for your medical needs and truly Own It?

Published by Wills Porter

Having been a transplant recipient of over 20 years, Wills is a living example of the life-transforming power of organ donation and transplant. While life after transplant has not always been easy, Wills believes that the challenges he has faced since his transplant have made him stronger and helped him take joy in his own transplant journey. As a KT author, podcast host and the director of research and development for Kidney Trails, Wills is focused on advancing the conversation around organ donation through innovative and extra organary ways.

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