COVID Chronicles: Interlude (A new page)

In the prelude I set the stage.

I said “too many live in anger”.

I said “too many live in rage”.

I said too many give into the fear of our age.

But today we turn a page.

Welcome to the interlude.

By now you know.

By now you’ve seen.

This is not a test.

This is the real thing.

This is real life.

This is a real fight.

So, like riders in the night.

We must make haste.

We have but little time to waste.

In the interlude

we throw off the guise.

I guess you can say we have no disguise.

The time has come to rise and tell the truth.

The truth is..

We’re at the end of our rope.

The truth is..

We’re struggling to cope.

The truth is..

We’re longing for a break.

The truth is..

We’re wondering who else COVID will take.

The truth is..

Hope is what we’ve let COVID steal.

The truth is..

We don’t say what we feel.

In the prelude I said locking in may work well.

However, isolation and depression doesn’t sell..

it puts you in a cell.

This cell is the prison of the mind.

Here depression and darkness is all you will find.

In the interlude, I say..

Isolation alone isn’t the way.

In isolation we assume we can do this alone.

In isolation we retreat into our phone.

In isolation we live day by day hoping that somehow this is the way.

But I say there is another way.

Today we all stand as one.

Today, the story is not done.

Today, the story has just begun.


Let us run towards the unknown.

Then our resillience will be shown.

This is the anthem of the immune compromised.

We know what it means to fight for our life.

We’ve faced trials and tribulations.

Yet, we’re still standing.

We’re still here.

So, what have we to fear?

The hour of action is near.

In the prelude, I set the stage.

In the interlude, we turn a page.

Now you know.

Now you see.

That today…

You and I can take control.

We can write on History’s scroll.

What will we write?

What will we say?

Maybe, just maybe, we will seize the day.

What do you say?

Published by Wills Porter

Having been a transplant recipient of over 20 years, Wills is a living example of the life-transforming power of organ donation and transplant. While life after transplant has not always been easy, Wills believes that the challenges he has faced since his transplant have made him stronger and helped him take joy in his own transplant journey. As a KT author, podcast host and the director of research and development for Kidney Trails, Wills is focused on advancing the conversation around organ donation through innovative and extra organary ways.

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