When Good is not Good Enough.

Sometimes in life we can grow up in stricken conditions or experience hardship for so long until it seems normal. We can sub-consciously accept abnormal as “good” and feel no need or desire for better. 

Other times, we can learn to accept the status quo in our lives because we are satisfied with where we are in life and see no reason for better. We accept life as “good.”

Whenever “better” is possible, good is no longer good enough. The “good” mentality is dangerous because it strips you from accepting and living a better life. It causes you to always give the minimum or least effort and live life without expectation. You will find yourself going through the motions and good will go to worse.

“Good is the enemy of Great!” You deserve to live a great life. You deserve to have great dreams and expectations. Your life is not defined by stricken conditions or hardships. You, your family, and friends deserve your greatest effort to better every area of life, (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial), because better is always possible.

Fred Hill

Dialysis Life Counselor

Dialysis Is Not Your Life (available on Amazon)

dialysisisnotyourlife.com / Dialysis Is Not Your Life (YouTube

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