The Call of Life…

A question to consider

There comes a time in a person’s life when they may feel called to do something that has a higher purpose than life itself. What I find fascinating is that no one is exempt from this call. We all have a reason for living. However, I believe that while we are all called towards something bigger than ourselves, only a small group of people ever answer their call.  For those that do not go when they feel the push towards something greater, I often find that these people go through life empty and void of purpose. My question for you, the reader, is simple. Are you living with purpose and fulfilling your life calling? This is the question I want to explore in this portion of my story. 

Have you ever wondered what you were put here on this earth to do. I believe We all have experiences in our life that helped define who we are today. These events are different for everyone but also have a common theme. That is, the events in your life that make you who you are today may also be the considerable challenges in your life. This was certainly the case for me. Not long after I got married, an event occurred that changed my life trajectory and ultimately led to my calling finding me.

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It was an ordinary dialysis day, work and then dialysis. Once settled in treatment, I started to work on some schooling for my job. It was tough mentally that night, and I needed something else to do other than look at math and blueprints. I started to look online for more information about Kidney disease. After searching for a while, the information that I found was not what I was seeking. Every website and social media platforms that I looked at had little to no information on life for a dialysis patient. Sure, there were things such as how to eat better, and what to expect physically when you are on dialysis. But when it came to the main core of the battle, there was little to no information. 

99% of the battle

What do you mean no Information, Anthony?  There is so much out there that it is hard to keep up with it. I mean, look at the new technology and different ways of transplant and think about all the other advancements as well. 

Hmm, I would have to agree that there is much information about the 1%, but when it comes to the 99% there is still little to no information on it. Let me explain, when I say 1% it is all the things that a dialysis patient sees and don’t see when they go into dialysis. The machines, the water system, advancements and so forth. Now I am not saying that these things are not important for they have their place. But many times so many are focused on the 1% that the patients themselves are forgotten. What is the 99% you ask why it’s what the patient has to live with day in and day out, they take it everywhere they go. It is the main factor of living or giving up, it is “The Mind”.

This knowledge was things such as lessons of life, how to overcome depression, working to thrive not just to survive, motivation, inspiration, and many more pearls of great price. There is a name for all this, “The Unknown Territories”. It was during this search that night that a still small voice came and said “ Anthony, what you seek is not there, but it is for you to uncover and share this information and knowledge with the world.” I stopped what I was doing and listened. It was then I realized that life was calling me to a purpose bigger than myself. With tears streaming down my face and a burden being placed on my shoulder, I answered the call and said Here I am. Send me. 

Now I want to ask you a question. Do you feel like you are wandering around life with no purpose? Do you have a listening ear and a willing heart? Will you answer that call? Can you feel the burden? It could be something such as sharing your story, or helping someone less fortunate than you. It could be standing in front of thousands of people and teaching them the lessons that you have learned. Or it may be just giving someone a smile. Whatever it may be, Life is looking for willing people to give them the opportunity to answer that call. Is that someone you?

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