” I Don’t Know About This?”( A Patient’s Initial Dialysis Treatment) Pt.31 ….I Decided, to LIVE

Before Cadence decided to speak, AW saw a vision of Cadence before that shined a pink silhouette of her body. Glowing like a radiant celestial being. It appeared mystic to say the least. As if the clinic became quiet around her. Silence grew so quiet and peacefully AW could only hear her heartbeat. Rapidly I might add. Not a sound of a beeping machine was heard. You see Cadence had that presence about her. She knew how to command a crowd without saying a word. She had that magnetized aura about her. Anyone could be drawn to her. Or should I say lost in her fire. Cadence speaks.

Her poem is entitled :

 (“ I Decided to LIVE”)

Cadence aka “ Patience Sustained “ speaks………

….” I opened my eyes’ day one fighting for my life. There’s nobody parallel to me. I say this without strife.

…… They say you can’t dream with your eyes wide open. I stand here with my mind, heart, body,and soul. That’s spoken. 

…… At times my pride hurts more than my body. I’m way past numb you see? You dig? It’s immeasurable and intense agony…… No defeat.

…… I have been that little girl searching for a father and a friend. Day in and day out. Night after Night, it still continues. It will never end.

…… Karma never left me. She’s right here in the flesh. I mean as I write this guided by her flesh. She’s forever around my neck. Embedded in my soul. Her eyes shined bright. Her skin was not of bronze tone. But Gold.

….” I’m always in rare form. I live by my own law. I aim for perfection. Without conviction. And yet I’m still fulfilled with this one in particular flaw.

…. My love is strong. My love is deep. My love is divine……… My love is long. My love is sweet. My love is underlined…

Yeah, it’s like that!!

…… Sleepless nights I endured the day before my reckoning. It sustains my life . But at the same time wrecks me. Just when I think I’ve conquered my battle. Here comes more defeat .

… My world gets turned upside down like a multiverse that’s on the verge of being splendid. The evil of the tormented spirits who try to manipulate the upside down pyramid. 

……Oh, how they try to beat me. But they enlightened me. Oh, how they try to punish me. But they have inspired me. Oh, how they feel as if I forgot. But they are not aware of my logic.

…. Yes this Cancer stinks. But what doesn’t.  You deal with life your way. I deal with life my way. You see, it’s still based on our assumption. 

… So I say to all my Breast Cancer WARRIORS…… From my roots in Tulsa to Karma’s last breath in ASTORIA…… Queens NY that IS…… I died and at that moment of my life is when “ I Decided To LIVE”.

AW, replies to Cadence….” Cadence that was deep. I felt where you were coming from and going. I’m beyond moved by your craft. I’ll be sure to attend your event next year for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Girl I’ll even try to hear you speak during the week, if I can”……. Cadence replies,” I appreciate you AW. Peace be unto you.” As Cadence walks down to her chair with AW watching her. Cadence speaks to Ms. Laine….” Hey Ms. Laine, how are you doing?”……. Ms.Laine replies, “ Oh I’m doing just fine. I heard you speaking your wonderful words of poetic Justice. Who were you talking to?”……. Cadence replies,” That was AW. She’s new here.”…… Ms.Laine says,” Okay,after I finish holding my site, I’ll get Dicyn to wheel me down there to speak to her.”…… Cadence says to Ms.Laine……” Tell her the story you told me when I first got here.” As she chuckles ……. Ms. Laine replies with laughter…” I most certainly will.

To Be Continued…………

Published by DiabeTech77

Hello to all of you our wonderful Kidney Trail Hikers . My name is Dwelyn Williams, CCHT, Immediate Past President NANT . I would like to say Thank You for joining us on The Kidney Trails. A brief story of who I am . I started my Hemodialysis Technician career in January of 2000 in Charlotte,NC. During that time and now the present I have been a Traveling Hemodialysis Technician, a Chronic Preceptor, an Acute Preceptor, Kidney Smart Educator, proud NANT Board Member , and a Hemodialysis Technician Instructor. My current status is a proud employee of Fresenius Kidney Care- Arcadia as a Hemodialysis Technician CCHT/VAM and also an Acute Hemodialysis Technician here in the Phoenix, Arizona area. My involvement with dialysis goes back as far as the early 90’s. My mother was a ESRD patient during that time. We as a family contributed to her well being by assisting her with CAPD at home. After a year of doing a home modality, she ventured out into outpatient dialysis in a chronic setting of hemodialysis. With that being said , I developed not only a interest I dialysis but an extreme curiosity of what this disease was and its effect on my mother and our family. This placed a heavy matter on me due to the fact that it was beyond personal and it could happen to any of our loved ones. Serving as a NANT member and on the NANT Board has aloud me to express my concern and issues amongst others. The ability to possibly influence others. To share my passion within my profession alongside developing my craft. My goal is to encourage every Nephrology Clinical Technician that they are important in more ways than one, and to know that they matter in our patients lives. I hope to inspire more Nephrology Clinical Technicians to take on more leadership roles in their communities, clinics, and NANT. As a newly Author and Kidney Trails Family member it’s is my duty to deliver the most epic and profound stories of my vision of Renal World. What a great time none other than during this tough time we are having in the world today being impacted by the COVID 19/ Coronavirus. We hope as you hike with us along The Kidney Trails , that each step we take is with Essential Potential.

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