Put a Halt to the Salt

Salt or Sodium is in almost every food that we eat every day, from bacon to ketchup. When you think about it, the salt shaker on the table is not the enemy. 

Daily high salt intake is one of the reasons that some individuals suffer from high blood pressure. Processed and canned foods are the contributing factors to high sodium intake in America. Convenience foods such as chips, hot dogs, ramen noodles, pizza,and breakfast meat are loaded with sodium. People do not cook at home as much anymore and rely on fast foods and restaurants for meals.  These food places offer very few low sodium options.  

 The daily recommendation for sodium is 2,000 mg or 2 grams for individuals with a diagnosis of high blood pressure.  Individuals can look at the food label for information on sodium or salt content.  Try to choose foods that have 200 milligrams or fewer of sodium per serving size on the nutritional facts label. Here are some nutritional tips to put a halt to the salt:

  •  Choose fresh vegetables instead of canned vegetables 
  • Try not to cook vegetables with salty meat like ham hocks or bacon
  • Look to buy foods that are labeled unsalted , low sodium , no salt added or lightly salted 
  • Try to use salt-free seasoning or herbs or spices 
  • Limit fast foods or take out to three times per week
  • Cook more meals at home 
  • While cooking, use fresh ingredients and meats 
  •  Choose frozen meals with 600 milligrams or fewer of sodium 
  •  Follow the serving size on the nutritional facts label
  • Limit eating bacon and sausage to three times per week 

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