Beyond Patient Care.

When it comes to giving great patient care what does it mean? This is a good question and one that I am sure that those that are part of your care team strive to give each and every day. There are many examples of great patient care examples in my treasure box of memories. But today I want to highlight one particular time that one of my care team went beyond patient care. 

Memories from my treasure box

Patient care, it is what all of us that have ever been in a hospital or a doctor’s appointment expect. Not only patient care but great patient care. What is the expectation of us the patient, many times we want to be taken care of in a way that there are no issues, the medical care team listens and understands every word we say, and so much more. But what would you say if I told you that patient care is much more than this? How would you react if I said that I had an experience that was not so great at first but in the end the Nurse served beyond patient care. Well here is the story and the lessons that she taught me about beyond patient care… 

It was a normal dialysis day for me, I went to the clinic, got my weight and then settled in my chair. The nurse, who I will call The Teacher, was taking care of me on this particular day and everything was going smoothly.  

Once I was settled in the chair, and she had finished getting the machine ready. It was time for the stick. She stuck me and got both needles in, it hurt a little, but it was not any worse than what I had experienced, so I thought nothing of it. She started the treatment and within a few seconds I felt a burning in my arm. That was different and within a short time it got a little worse, so I mentioned to her that something did not feel right. Being fairly new she was not sure and called over another nurse that had been in dialysis a while. This nurse looked at it and asked me some questions about the pain and felt where the needle was and then repositioned the needle and asked how it felt. I felt better, but my arm was still sore, and she said it would be and gave me instructions on how to care for my arm. As the nurse walked away I looked at The Teacher, and it was there that she showed what it means to go beyond patient care. The tears started to trickle down her cheek and her lower lip trembled. Was this because she made a mistake, and she felt bad. It could have been, but not all it was because she truly cared for her patients and that she was striving to give the best patient care possible. She did not fail at giving patient care, but she served beyond patient care. How do I know this? Because not only could I see it, but I could feel it and most importantly she left me with some lessons that as long as I have memories, and they are written down I will never forget them. Here are the lessons that she taught that day…

  1. Patient Care is not just shown, it is felt.  Not only can a patient sense it but those in the room can as well. But more importantly the the one that is providing the care feels it as well. 
  2. Focus on the patient in front of you. Here is one of the best saying that I have for this lesson. “If you focus on the multitudes you will lose the one, but if you focus on the one you will gain the multitudes.  
  3. It’s Ok to show your feeling.   Now if you are upset this is not the best thing to do in front of your patient, But it does not hurt to laugh with your patient, to cry with your patients. In fact it shows the patient that you truly care about there well being.

These three lessons helped me later on in my journey, and they would help make a decision that would change my life. This is only one story that I have but there are many more and may share them in the near future. Now I have a question for you. Do you know someone that has care for you beyond patient care? If so let them know what a good job they have done and thank them for there work.

Until next time “Be Encouraged on Your Journey For You Are One Step Closer to the Next Peak.” 

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