Good times in dialysis

Part 1

Good times in dialysis is that even possible? As I was thinking about a title for this blog I had to laugh a little because this was a question that someone asked, and I thought to myself If they only knew I mean you have heard the saying “What goes on at dialysis stays at dialysis”. Well here are a few good experiences and other fun times I had when I was a dialysis patient.

My seatmates

One of the things you quickly realize when you are an in-center dialysis patient, is that there are people from many places, with many experiences in life. It’s also interesting that one thing has brought you to this place ESRD (End-Stage-Renal-Disease) and as you look around the room there are others that have brought here because of this very thing.  I had many seatmates through my time and overtime they became as family. We cared about each other, I can still hear some of them asking what did you have for supper last night and the next thing you know everyone in your pod is discussing all the food they ate and by the time you finished talking about supper the hunger pains hits, and you realize there is still one hour left. Of course the food conversation may start out innocent, meaning we would talk about what we were supposed to eat, but it would not be long, and we would all start to talk about pizza,cheese,chocolate,hotdogs,spam and so on. Of course if the renal dietician came on the floor we would change the subject as quickly as we could. I am sure when she looked at us, we looked like the 2-year-old that got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.  Other times I would hear stories of the good ol days. Stories about their childhood and memories, the times that were special, the people they loved such as their family and friends.

Roller Chair Derby

There was one day that I was sitting in the chair, and it was a pretty uneventful morning. The Treatment was going great. In fact, it was pretty quiet. Side Note:( There is one word you don’t say when you are in treatment that is quiet. Any time someone would say that it would get crazy.) The next thing I know there were two of the staff members laughing and talking and one of them challenged the other in a race around the room. They grabbed the roller stools and pulled up to the starting line which was my chair. 3, 2 ,1 go and there they went around the room faster than a speeding bullet. Actually now that I think of it was more like watching 2 turtles race. I can’t remember who won, but it made our day, one that I will remember for a long time. 

Shaved Ice

pre-COVID one of the things that was a real treat to the dialysis patients was a cup of Ice. Now you may not think that Ice is a big deal but to those that have been or are on dialysis it can be a big deal, and one that made treatment days a little better. During the holidays such as the fourth of July, Memorial Day and so forth we would have special ice. Generally Red, blue or plain ice. Which was basically snow cone syrup and there were two flavors: cherry and blue raspberry. I would enjoy this treat during these times but after the holidays we would go back to plain ice boring. Some other patients and I came up with a great idea and that was to buy the snow cone syrup and just leave it at the clinic for all to enjoy year round. Patients would look forward to it and would start to bring in more flavors before you knew it we had 3 or 4 flavors to choose from. One day I was not feeling well was sick with the flu and as soon as I walked in the staff knew right away that I was sick. Once I got on Aunt B said she was sorry that I was not feeling well and was there anything else that she could to help out. My reply was a cup of flavored ice because it would make the day better, and it did even when I had to go to the ER to get checked out. I still was thinking about that Ice. 

Though these seem like small things it made a huge impact on not only my life but also others it helped make the day go by faster and gave me memories that will last a lifetime. Remember this the smallest things can have the greatest impact. 

Even though this is the end of part one I am sure there will be more to come. So why dont you Subscribe so you dont miss any new and exciting content. The journey may be long but stay encouraged along your journey, you are one step closer to the next peak.

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