The End of Summer…

To every thing there is a season.

Once back from my vacation it was time to go back to work which I did and put all that I had into it. It did not take as long this time to get back to full strength, in fact, I believe I was able to work full 8 hours days. Sure, I was a little tuckered out at the end of the day but it felt good to be back again. Since summer was quickly winding down, I started to do more. such as like play sports street football was one of them. Now this may sound a little dangerous but we did play two hand touch, Some friends of mine owned a restaurant in a shopping center and every Saturday night whether rain or clear we played football in the parking lot. It was so much fun. One of the many activity’s I enjoyed was volleyball. Once again I will reiterate that I would do these things as long as I did not have treatment during that time

I could not miss treatment for anything. I believe it was around this time that I decided that I needed to go to morning shift in dialysis as it worked with my work schedule better. So I asked to get on the list and many times these are coveted spots as many just want to get there treatment done and out of the way so they can get on with their day. It was not long until I was able to receive this spot. I was a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I switched to Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday which was great for work but not as great for my social life. though I made it work. I did tend to miss somethings that I wanted to do. I wanted to live more than to do those other things so I went to treatment instead.

Life is fleeting. It depends on which you value more. I valued my life and was going to enjoy every seconded that I was blessed with this wonderful gift. As summer came to an end, the nights started to get darker quicker and you could tell that fall was on the way. Yes, it had been an enjoyable summer but what did Fall have in store for me? Would something exciting happen?

Stay tuned as the next blog I rediscover this hobby that would stay with me during dialysis and bring help and even comfort during some difficult times. Oh and before I go, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any new and exciting content! Also look for us on Instagram @kidneytrails and as always keep traveling on the your peak of success. Until next time………

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